​Smarter. Faster. Tougher. An Exhibition on Sports, Fashion + Tech

Being at the forefront of innovation in Toronto, the Design Exchange has partnered with the PanAm Games to bring you a world class exhibit in the middle of this multi-national sporting event. As the ever changing world of sport infiltrated every aspect of modern life, this exhibition examines it’s impact on everything to from health, fashion and culture to technology, design and architecture to show the evolving technology used in sportswear. Highlighting such notable designers as Puma, Adidas (Canada), Fred Perry; Canada Goose, Maharishi and more, Smarter. Faster. Tougher.  examines the ways sportswear has and will continue to evolve over the years as our society develops.

Smarter better tougher

The design of an athlete’s clothing and footwear as well as gear and training equipment can involve several years of research and development; and it is clear that today, an athlete’s performance can be intimately related to technology.” says President and CEO of DX, Shauna Levy, “The Pan Am Games and the world of sport in general, provide Design Exchange with an exciting opportunity to demonstrate the ubiquity and relevance of design and innovation to sports fans and enthusiasts; as well as all of us who are interested in health and wellbeing.” 

Event Details:
Design Exchange (
39 Parliament St.)
July 8 – October 12
Tickets starting from: $16
Buy your tickets today here.
Smarter better tougher
Smarter better tougher
Smarter better tougher
Smarter better tougher
Smarter better tougher

For our readers in Montreal and abroad, I’ve decided to share with you some a few more of my favourite pieces from this exhibit. And an exhibit on sportswear fashion isn’t complete without the classic Adidas Superstar running shoes from the 80’s. These classic sneakers have iconized the classic Adidas three stripe making them one of the most renown sport shoe in the world.


Sir Bradley Wiggins has designed and reworked the stylish collections from Fred Perry over the last 6 seasons to create a a vintage inspired line filled with slim-cut turtle neck knits and retro sports track jackets.

141127_MelBles_FredPerry_SS_Shot_01-040 1_03

Bradley Wiggins – Fred Perry

Recognizing and celebrating the innovations in sport and health technology, the Bruise Suit has created wearable technology that alerts to indicate and localize the spot of injury.which is helpful for paraplegic athletes competing and training in high intensity sport.


Photo Credit: Team Bruise

Janne Kyttanen and Mads Thomsen have produced this Laser Sintered suggestive creation for the international ad agency Amsterdam Worldwide for its Japanese client Onitsuka Tiger ‘ASICS‘ premium heritage brand. The meter-long shoe called the ‘Electric Light Shoe’ is central to the global Electric Tiger Land campaign for 2008. Inside it contains a miniature city covered in Japanese cultural icons and signs.

Material: Laser Sintered PA12 (polyamide)
Finish: Dirt protected, custom electronics

FreedomofCreation_Credit _Amsterdam Worldwide

Credit: Amsterdam Worldwide

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