10 Females Adventurers To Follow On Instagram

Whether they are practicing yoga on picture perfect beaches or exploring the highest mountains and everything in between. Let these ten ladies be your daily dose of inspiration to get out there and chase the next adventure.

1. Laura Austin      @laura_austin

Laura Austin is a professional photograph and journalist based in LA with a heavy case of wanderlust makes a living out of taking beautiful pictures and traveling around the world. Her artistic talent that shines through in her Instagram feed will make you want to pack up your car right away and take a road trip.

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2.  Rachel Brathen    @yoga_girl

Rachel Brathen aka Yoga Girl has taken the world by storm in the past year. Living in beautiful Aruba with her happy family of dogs and husband Dennis ( @dennisfromsalad ) , traveling the world and posting amazing yoga pictures … You won’t know what to be jealous of scrolling through her feed. But even though her life may seem picture perfect,  she teaches us to embrace our live with a heart full of love and to live life 100% authentically.

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3. Katie McLean    @gypsyeye805

Born and raised in the midst of artistic souls and surf culture in Santa Barbara CA, it is no wonder that this mermaids  stylish Instagram feed will make you inspired to create. She will be starting a clothing/active wear brand called Psychedelic Honey, that looks amazing!

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4. Margaux Arramon-tucoo       @margause

This lovely european ambassador for RVCA women’s get to travel the world surfing and creating art at 21 years of age.  She shows us all that we can love and live life and our own pace. That we can create the life that we want to live and not follow in anyones footsteps other than ourselves.

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5. Billie Edwards      @billiebillie

This bohemian beauty is not only a model and ambassador for Volcom but also a full time Fashion Marketing student. The adventures she has will make you want to book a one way ticket to Australia, or whatever other part of the world she may be exploring at the moment.

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6. Gaby James      @gabatronix

You can find this limit pushing babe exploring any mountain in her area. She captures the raw and powerfull beauty of nature with the many adventures she embarks on. If you need inspiration to go out and climb that mountain, just go take a quick look at her Instragram and you should be good!

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7. Tara Michie   @ladyslider

This blogger, photographer and overall super creative lives the Hawaiian dream. Think absolutely stunning photographs of surfing, yoga and a beautiful lifestyle.

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8. Sierra Quitiquit   @sierraquitiquit

Pro skier. Free spirit. Model. Yogi. World traveling. Surfer … There is absolutely nothing in this world that Sierra Quitiquit has not conquered in this world. Her positive and free spirited attitude is a refreshing change in the high paced action sport and fashion industry.

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 11.36.34 PM

9. Lulu Brud   @ladyluofthewolves

This magical lady lives in LA making a living as an actress and lives with her husband. Sparkles. Gypsy vibes. Deserts. Dream catchers … There is really nothing that I can describe from her blog, you just will have to take a look for yourself.

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 11.38.23 PM

10. Erika Drolet    @erika_drolet

Our very own from Montreal, this adventure seeking chika shows us that we can all live to epic life we always imagined. We just have to go out and get it. All her photos from her many adventures and the fact that she currently lives in Bali, will make you dream big and maybe wish you were on the beach beside her.

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Jasmine is a creative soul living in Tremblant, Quebec. A lover all adventure and yoga, she's always ready for whatever journey life may take her on.

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