10 Things to Toss in 10 Days

Hello Spring & Happy Earth Day! Is it already time for Spring Cleaning?

With the first day of spring behind us we can now focus on sprucing up our surroundings! Before I do a thorough Spring Clean I love to reevaluate what I currently own (I meant to say hoard) and get rid of a few items.

Thankfully there are a ton of alternatives to just throwing stuff in the trash and with the help of the apps, websites and even Instagram I was able to give new homes to some of my not so needed treasures.So, to help you out I thought why not pick one type of item per day and focus on de-cluttering those items first! Here it is:

  1. Out of Date Magazines – lots of students actually use these for projects so why not help them out and get rid of yours! Don’t know any students? Check if you can donate to the library or local elementary schools!
  2. Samples! If you haven’t used them and they are not expired give them away instead of letting them take up space and collect dust.
  3. Christmas Gifts that just do not work – You know exactly the ones I am talking about!
  4. Candles – if you haven’t lit a match to them and they are just piling up let someone else enjoy the aromatics they have to offer.
  5. Wrapping Paper & Scraps – WHY DO WE EVEN KEEP THESE? Like I said – students use a lot of things for projects and if you aren’t using it let someone else!
  6. Expired Coupons & Reward Cards you never use! Put these bad boys in the recycling bin!
  7. Worn out Hair Ties – Seriously! They don’t even work anymore!
  8. Expired Make Up, Hair Products & Skin Care – it’s not good to put on your body and you shouldn’t be using it either way!
  9. Old Receipts – I am the worst offender of this! Clean out your receipt dumping group – just make sure to go through them first and shred the unnecessary.
  10. Unmatched & worn out socks – The dryer ate the other one, I promise you that is the truth! Cut them up and use them as cleaning cloths!

BONUS: Children & Leisure products you no longer use and are in good condition are great for reselling or giving to new parents!

Photo Credit: FashStyleLiv

Photo Credit: FashStyleLiv


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