12 Days of #CreatorsChristmas: Give a Gift that Sparkles with Beblue

This Christmas, give your gal pals something sparkly that they’ll truly love with Beblue. We sat down with the founder, Ambre Cadoux, to learn more about her inspiration for creating pretty pieces of jewellery.

1. What sparked you to begin a career in jewelry making and design?

Creating Beblue was really a way for me to express myself fully as an artistic entrepreneur. I knew I would never be happy in the corporate world, and I wanted to be surrounded by beauty, travels, business challenges and creativity, so I had to design this lifestyle for myself. Then, why jewelry? I think it came naturally, as I always have been passionate about finding the pieces of jewelry that would make me feel good. I built a big personal collection of ready-to-wear jewelry over the years, and people were always asking where I found them. I was looking to find a career in which I would be happy to give my best every day, so I had to be around something I really really loved!

I had not envisioned that my brand would take such expansion, but I knew for sure that I wanted to create a brand, a brand that would create happiness, one jewel at the time, for every woman, or man. And now, if you ask me, what else I would like to do, I will say: nothing else, this is what I want to do, again and again!

Even though my family were in the jewelry industry in France, I did not really have a chance to know them, but it still seems that it goes in the genes!

2. Where do you draw your inspiration?

Every season, I draw a lot of my inspirations in the fashion trends, colour trends to offer our clientele a selection that will coordinate with their wardrobe. Also, my travels around the world, such as in Dubai, Bangkok, Hong Kong or Paris inspire me a lot, from the culture diversity, to the architecture details or simply the people watching in the streets. I also love to stroll down the very high end diamond jewellers and just let my imagination be nurtured by such beauty, tradition and know how. I have a particular love for all the oriental architectural/decor culture, so many of my Beblue patterns are inspired by it, such as the Jasmine pendant, which is inspired by the smell of the oriental gardens and the voluptuous shape of the woman.

3. What has been your biggest achievement/obstacle so far in your career?

I think that the biggest achievement has been to be able to create a brand starting from zero. We were not known, I did not have any specific connections in the industry, and in 6 years, we were able to ensure a stable local production for large quantity production, creating jobs locally and supporting the local business community as well through all our suppliers. The brand is now sold in over 100 retailers across Canada and we are still expanding rapidly. Brand recognition is getting stronger everyday through our efforts on marketing, product quality and excellent customer service.

The biggest obstacle has been that the brand was non existent, it is hard work to develop brand image and identity. But also, to keep a local production, known as disappearing in the industry in Canada as most of the productions are usually done overseas, it is very challenging to maintain high quality production at a larger volume and still stay competitive in the price point of the brand. But we make it happen everyday and I am very proud of it!

4. What are your favourite pieces from the holiday collection?

I am really in love with the bracelet Be Bohemian in the pink pearl colour with the coordinate leather tassel, it adds the perfect touch of chic to a pair of jeans, or a holiday dress, but with a touch of softness and femininity. And it stacks great with any of your basic Beblue bracelets.

I am also very excited about our new key chains / purse decorations. It is a great gift to give or to receive and you just can’t get enough of the softness of our genuine lamb leather.

5. Any advice for aspiring #creators?

I am not sure what advice can be given, but what I know for sure is that what helps me is to stay very focused! I believe that you need to have a clear vision of what you want to do, where you want to go with your business and most importantly, WHY you want to do it! It allows to stay on track and avoids loosing yourself by trying to go in many directions at once. Especially at the beginning of a business venture, close friends, loved ones, people surrounding you will have many ideas, suggestions, advices and recommendations and it is easy to get distracted from the original or core idea. Stay connected to your feelings, to what feels and sounds right for you, because after all, you will be the one living with your business everyday!

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