2018 Wedding Trends

2017 was a year full of wedding innovation, brides tended to get a little more personal and challenge traditional norms. As we begin to approach 2018 we are looking forward to see these new wedding trends play out for us.

Photo Credit: Feather and Twine

Wedding Wreaths

Move over chalkboard and wooden signs, this year we will be treated with the wedding wreath. Botanical trends have been climbing for a few years now, and we can’t complain because who doesn’t love the ethereal look of fresh greens?

Photo Credit: Haniel Singh Photography

Marble Accents & Bold Flowers

2017 was the year of metallic accents, and opposite of this trend we are going to start to see marble accents make their way into wedding trends. From cake plates, to charges, candle holders, tables, etc. Opposite the marble, we will see a huge rise in bold florals from shapes to colours! We are talking deep violets, burgundies, corals and royal blue!

Photo Credit: Love That Smile Photography

Velvet Everything

Not only are we seeing a rising trend in velvet in fashion but this bold and rich fabric is creeping its way right into the wedding industry through clothing and decor. Over the past few years menswear has been leaning towards rich blue suits, 2018 we will see a rise in textured fabrics including velvet!

Photo Credit: Andy Roberts Photography

Cascading Bouquets

Last season was all about the wild gathered look, and that will remain in the new age cascading bouquets. Don’t think about the perfectly stylized bouquets from the 80’s but a more natural approach to this bouquet style. Dahlias, cabbage roses and proteas will continue to be focal flowers but don’t count out the fillers! Brides will be paying a lot of attention to the filler flowers and greenery than ever before.

Photo Credit – Pinterest – Tatejohnsonn

High Neck Lines

2017 higher neck lines started to emerge but long sleeves were a much bigger deal. 2018 Designers are taking the high neck to new levels of beading, lace, and stylized approaches.

Photo Credit: Ted and Li Photography

Neon Props

Let’s talk about how neon signs are having a MAJOR moment. These kitschy signs have found their way into wedding dream plans and add a perfect amount of flair to any day! Now I just need to figure out how to get my hands on one!


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