48 Hours in Tsim Sha Tsui : Food Edition

When people think of Hong Kong – most people are thinking about the Island of Hong Kong, I myself was lucky enough to get to visit Hong Kong for a few days and I decided to check out the mainland and stayed in Tsim Sha Tsui, a well known shopping district.

Typically, I like to do a LOT of research before I go somewhere, and find some fabulous places to hit up – this time I decided to let that frame of mind go and literally explore the city. I did research a few things that you should always know before entering a new country:

  1. Do you need any vaccinations prior? Already got them!
  2. Do you need a tourism Visa? Nope.
  3. What currency do they use? Hong Kong Dollar
  4. Type of weather to pack for. Spring! YAY!
  5. Tipping Norms. Not necessary unless it is for porters.
  6. What are their cultural taboos? Handshakes are only necessary at the beginning of a conversation!

I find answering these 6 questions whenever I am going to a new city really helps me navigate the city and have better expectations. I was shocked to learn that tipping is not part of Hong Kong culture and not expected for waitstaff, bartenders, taxi drivers or even guides!

Being the foodie that I am I also asked a few friends what I should definitely try! Which included:

unnamed (4)

Milk Tea – This was absolutley delicious and the possibilities are endless for your options!!! I decided to check out Let’s Rock It which had the coolest selection of flavours and you literally fill a mini rocket ship with your flavour choices and hand it to the service desk. I opted for raspberry passionfruit & coconut and was soo happy with my choices!

Chinese Cheesecake – Who doesn’t like cheesecake? Chinese cheesecake is a thing and YOU need to try it! It is super soft and very light in density, which was a nice alternative to traditional cheesecakes! I would be lying if I didn’t admit that we polished the entire cheesecake in one sitting!

unnamed (7)

Roasted Suckling Pig We decided to grab suckling pig straight off a street vendor and it was THE best decision ! Absolutely delicious and roasted to perfection! 

Clay Pot Rice – Truthfully, I wondered if there would be that much of a difference between clay pot rice and “traditional” rice. There was – the main factor being infused aromatics & flavour!

unnamed (2)

Overall I was so pleasantly surprised with the amount of bakeries in the Tsim Sha Tsui area, every block featured multiple bakeries that specialized in an assortment of desserts and great options for quick and easy to eat breakfasts. I fell in love with a Matcha Green Tea filled croissant as my morning fix, and swooned over the emoji decorated pastries. 


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