48 Hours in Tsim Sha Tsui : Shopping Edition

I was told by A LOT of people that the shopping in Hong Kong is incredible. Rest assured the hype did not amount to how good it actually was! I am not an avid shopper when I travel, as I myself prefer to spend money on cultural experiences but this time I entered the city with a list. Granted not necessarily for myself entirely but there were a few items I knew I could only get in Hong Kong as opposed to North American stores.

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Shopping Malls

They are everywhere! Literally, buildings house shopping malls in every corner, however there are no flashy signs advising you that they are indeed malls. I started to pick up on this when I happened to stumble into one building looking for a pharmacy and was shocked to find out that the upper levels all housed stores. Shopping malls come in a variety of sizes and styles – some feature box stores while others feature halls upon halls of small booths featuring unique artisans, crafters, suppliers, etc.

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Beauty Stores

This was a little bit trickier for me to pick up on – not all beauty stores are the same and they all promote a different array of products. I found that I really liked going to Watson’s to purchase a crazy amount of face masks that literally are made of anything. My favourites: Red Wine, Caviar & Snake Venom (I KNOW!). With skincare products just be weary and ensure you are purchasing items that DO NOT have whitening agents as this is very popular in Chinese and Korean beauty products.  I also found that Sasa had more unique options for all cosmetics and Mannings had great detox pads.

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Luckily for me I was about a 20 minute walking distance to the Ladies Market & The Emerald Market which is known for bargaining and steals! This market screamed cool and I couldn’t believe all the items available ! Anywhere from knock off handbags to the coolest USB sticks (think Batman & Disney silicone formed), toys and beauty supplies, to hand printed t-shirts & scarves. Lets just say I picked up a pair of furry slides because they were too cute to resist!

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Although I didn’t check out any of the electronic stores there were plenty of them, I was told prior to our trip that electronics are great to purchase in Hong Kong. However, double check everything as the charging cables do not fit in North American outlets and their smartphones use different sim cards so there are some limitations to these items.

All in all I am very pleased with all of my purchases, as I didn’t expect to fall in love with the quality and limitless options Hong Kong had to offer. Even if you get 24 hours in Hong Kong make sure you pick up some goodies!

And if you were curious here was my shopping list (and yes I did get everything):

  • Facial Sheet Masks
  • Hydrating Night Cream
  • Lip Plumping Gloss
  • Furry Slides (Think Fenty for Puma Shoes)
  • Perfumes
  • “Tattoo” Eyebrow Pencils (supposed to last for 24 hours!)
  • Charcoal Toothpaste
  • Jade
  • Fun Stationary Supplies (obviously for my bullet journalling addiction)
  • Pentel Waterbrush


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