7 Easy Steps To Healthier Skin

As the glow of our summer tans are fading and the weather is getting colder, it is important to make sure that your skin care regime is helping protect you from the elements. As seasons are changing, the steps you take to keep your skin healthy and beautiful should too. Here are seven easy  tips for keeping your skin shinning as the winter winds are blowing in.

1. Find Right Products– Everyone’s skin is different. Whether you have combination, dry or oily skin it is important to find the products that work to help keep your skin in check.Try and find a good cream cleaner and hydrating serum. A good skin cleansing routine is the first step to achieving clear, beautiful skin.


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2. Exfoliate Regularly – As a result of the weather getting colder, your skin will dry out. By exfoliating regularly you are helping to promote new, healthy skin growth and allow the moisture to hydrate your skin for longer. 



3. Moisturize Daily – Using healthy moisturizers that incorporate natural ingredients such as vitamin E, shea butter and other elements will help preserve your skin all day long. Develop both a day and night time routine to keep your skin hydrated 24/7.



4. Love Your Lips – Combat the problems of dry, chapped lips by moisturizing your lips regularly with a balm. Try and avoid products with petroleum, as they tend to clog your pores and prevent moisture from penetrating your lips fully.



5. Drink Lots of Water – A key aspect to hydrating your skin all year long is by keeping you hydrated. Drinking nine to twelve cups of water a day are recommended to help flush your skin of natural toxins.



6. Use Sunscreen – It is often thought that you only need to use sunscreen when it is hot in the summer. But the sun’s rays are still shinning brightly in all year long and it is still important to protect yourself in the Fall and Winter too. Try and find moisturizers or foundations with SPF already in them to give you complete coverage.



7. Protect Yourself – Our parents have always told us to bundle up. Protecting your face from the harsh winds with a scarf or high collared jacket reduces the stress caused by this exposure to the cold on our skin.



 What do you do to keep your skin radiant all year long?

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