7 Ways to Give your Phone Personality and Flair

Your phone encapsulates your whole life, from your calendar and contacts to your bank accounts and music collection. It’s an extension of your personality. Since you’re a stylish and unique individual, why would your phone look like anyone else’s? Think of your phone as your signature fashion accessory, and invest a little time to make it uniquely your own.

Start With the Right Gear

Some phones have a uniquely elegant appearance before you even begin to customize them. You can order the LG G5 with a hand-stitched genuine brown leather back exclusive to T-Mobile. T-Mobile is often more affordable than other carriers, offering plenty of deals to help you get the phone you really want. Having a phone style that’s not widely available gives you a giant head start.

Design a Custom Skin

A custom skin will give your phone a true one-of-a-kind appearance without adding bulk, which is perfect if you like to keep your phone in your pocket. If you are an artist at heart, you can create a skin design from any artwork or photo, so arm yourself with a sense of whimsy and a cell phone camera, then try out a few ideas. Would you like a phone that matches your favorite handbag, your car’s paint job, your dog’s fur—or perhaps your best jeans?

Make a Case

If you want a case instead of a skin to protect your phone from scratches and bumps, look for one in a style that also offers features like credit card pockets or a wrist strap. Phone cases are everywhere, but if you want a style that you won’t see on anyone else’s phone, you have a couple options. Find a seller on Etsy who handcrafts cases you love, then ask for a customized designs — or use an online tool like Zazzle to design your own custom case.

Set Your Screen

Your lock screen and home screen say a lot about you. Coordinate your screen with your phone’s skin or case, considering the image you choose with the same care you would give to selecting your shoes or handbag. A photo that is both beautiful and meaningful is ideal. A close-up of some flowers your sweetie sent for your birthday or a travel photo from your last adventure would be ideal. If you choose a photo of your pet, baby, or family member, make sure it’s an artistic shot, cropped close and well framed.

Ring With Distinction

You might have a beautifully decked-out phone, but your ringtone could shatter the illusion if it plays a tinny version of the latest pop song every time you get a call. Choose ringtones and alerts that have pleasing sounds and that won’t annoy the people around you. Use an app like Zedge to expand your collection of ringtones and alert sounds. Zedge also helps you deck out your phone with wallpapers, including live wallpapers, and more.

Upgrade Your Font

If your phone lets you specify a display font, you’ll be surprised how big a difference that will make. Stick with fonts that are easy to read; beautiful script fonts don’t work well when you’re in a hurry and need to navigate an unfamiliar screen. Some handwritten fonts that look like printing are surprisingly easy to read and can bring a breezy, casual flair to your phone. Add a formal feeling with tall, slender lettering, or go bold with a strong style to balance a brightly colored background or case.

Arrange Your Apps

It’s not the first thing you think of, but organizing your apps is an important part of personalizing your phone. Your home screen should clearly reflect who you are and how you use your mobile device. Over time, new apps will keep shuffling to the back of the list, so if you’ve added something new and your life depends on it, make room for it farther up.

Your phone is one accessory that you carry every day, and it should demonstrate your sense of style. If you deck it out properly, everyone who sees your phone will know immediately who it belongs to.

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