#CREATORS: A look into the world of Bijoux By Amy

Harnessing the true beauty of gems and semi-precious stones, Amy Follwell launched Bijoux By Amy in 2013 to respond to the growing need for customizable and one of a king rings for that special someone in your life. Taking the stress and anxiety out of picking an engagement ring, Amy has designed a four step process to give her clients a truly unique experience in selecting the perfect piece of jewelry for their loved one. We sat down with Amy to learn about her and the latest trends in engagement rings.
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  1. How did you get into the business of making custom engagement rings? 

In 2009, I moved to New York City to become a certified gemmologist. After school, I landed a job at Tiffany & Co. and worked in their quality assurance department for three years. During that time, I knew a lot of people (friends, relatives) that were getting engaged and feeling totally overwhelmed by the whole process of selecting a ring. Since they knew I worked at a luxury jewellery house, they’d come to me for guidance and insider tips on how to buy the best ring without breaking the bank. They’d want to know: what quality of diamond do I get? What style of ring? How much should I spend? All legitimate questions to ask before investing thousands of dollars on a jewellery purchase.

It made me realize that there is a demand for this – a service that offers people qualified, unbiased advice on how to buy an engagement ring. Launching Bijoux by Amy was a natural step.

  1. Do you have any advice for men looking for the perfect ring for their significant other? 

Listen intently…woman may drop hints without you realizing. Whether it’s making a reference to a friend’s new bling or “accidently” leaving a picture of a ring up on your computer, the hints may not be so subtle!

Go for quality over quantity…of carats. From an investment point-of-view, it’s better to buy a smaller diamond of excellent quality than a larger diamond of fair quality. You’ll be happier in the long run.

Plan ahead…give yourself, and your jeweller, plenty of time to find the best diamond for your budget. A minimum of one to two months will also allow you to fine tune your ring design until you’re completely satisfied.

Stick with your intuition…this is a huge step in your life and a big financial investment. If you don’t feel comfortable, or feel pressured to buy, move on. You deserve to work with someone who is passionate and enthusiastic about finding you the perfect ring.

  1. What are the current/upcoming trends in engagement rings? 

The popular halo setting continues to be a consistent trend in engagement rings.

Vintage or art-deco-inspired designs are a solid choice for those wanting a unique style.

Rose gold settings continue to be a trendsetter with yellow gold making a resurgence from the ‘80s. Mixing these precious metals against white gold or platinum is also becoming a popular choice.

Fancy shaped gemstones like cushion, radiant or oval are being discovered for their distinctive, elegant features.

Incorporating coloured stones into the ring setting. An emerald centre stone or sapphire accents can be a great way to express your personal style and add a bit of vibrancy.

Band variations offer an alternative to the classic metal or diamond band. Split shank, asymmetrical bypass, twist or infinity designs add an extra element of delicate detail.
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  1. What is your favourite part about making custom engagement rings? 

Working closely with clients on something so meaningful is a major perk of my job. I’m continually impressed at the amount of thought and sentiment that my clients reveal when we discuss design ideas. Every ring I create tells a story that is unique to each couple – the reason behind their design selection is always personalized and means that no two rings are the same.

Nothing beats the anticipation I feel once I deliver a finished ring and wait to receive news of a happy (and successful!) proposal.

  1. How do you assure the groom to be that he has found the perfect one for his fiancé? // How do you match a ring to her personal style?

It is important to choose a ring design that mirrors your partner’s unique style and preference. We take into account their personality, fashion sense, hobbies, even their favourite type of music. Is their style simple and understated? Or does it veer towards elaborate and flashy? I once created a ring for a nurse and it was important that the setting was low profile to prevent snagging when she was constantly putting on and removing her rubber gloves or working with patients.

Discussing her personal style and day-to-day activities will ensure that we select a thoroughly customized ring that is sure to impress.
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