A New Mom’s Guide to Buying a Stroller

The arrival of a new baby is a joyous occasion. It can also be very overwhelming. For such a tiny human, they sure do need a lot of stuff! When we were expecting our son, I remember researching every little thing that by the time I was done I had major case of information overload. There are just so many choices! Fast forward two years when we were expecting our first daughter we only needed one big ticket item: a double stroller. I narrowed down the key things we were looking for based on how we used out single stroller and asked Jennifer Moore, Bugaboo’s Country Manager and all around stroller pro five key questions to see how their strollers stack up.

  1. A stroller is a major an investment. What are the key features that parents should consider when they are purchasing a stroller?

When choosing a stroller parents should consider where they live, where they want to go, and how they want to get there. Parents need to find the stroller that best fits their needs specifically, not necessarily what worked well for a friend or family member. Bugaboo’s product family is designed to fit the wants and needs of different unique lifestyles – from the iconic Bugaboo Cameleon³, the urban Bugaboo Bee³, the convertible Bugaboo Donkey, the all-terrain Bugaboo Buffalo, and the Bugaboo Runner, the jogging extension.


  1. Babies are cute but can also be really messy. How does one care for the stroller?

Definitely, you need a stroller that has fabric that’s machine washable and removable for those spills and messy days. Things like a seat liner that comes off easy and can be thrown right in the wash will save your seat typical wear. All of Bugaboo’s fabrics are easily removed and machine washable making cleaning up those messes easy!

BGB_Donkey Mono_IB BF

  1. From car to plane, we enjoy traveling. How well does this stroller travel? What do parents need to know before going away?

Wherever parents are traveling to – whether a tropical beach vacation or weekend at the ski hill – they should consider the climate they’re headed to. It’s important to make sure baby is comfortable no matter what temperature they’ll be in. Bugaboo offers a wide variety of accessories for parents who love to travel. Our Transport Bags provide comfortable carry handles, shoulder straps and wheels that make it easy to roll from baggage claim to taxi stand. Bugaboo also offers a range of accessories for all climates. When travelling in cold weather parents should consider the Bugaboo Footmuff and Bugaboo Wool Blanket to keep your child nice and warm. For warmer destinations parents should invest in the Bugaboo Breezy Sun Canopy and Bugaboo Mosquito Net.


  1. A lot of parents will eventually add to their family. What stroller options do parents have if they are expanding their family?

Adding another family member shouldn’t be tossing out their old stroller and buying a new one. The Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board is the perfect extension to the Bugaboo stroller you already own and love. By simply attaching the Comfort Wheeled Board to the back of your stroller, your child now has the option to sit/and or stand and move freely with you.

For parents wanting both children in a stroller or having twins the Bugaboo Donkey would be an ideal fit.


product image wheeled board

  1. Are all bugaboo accessories compatible with bugaboo strollers, regardless of stroller type or age?

Most Bugaboo accessories are compatible with the entire line of Bugaboo strollers, however some accessories are specific to the stroller type including canopies, car seat adaptors and other accessory adaptors.


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