A Taste Of France In Toronto At Cluny

Admit it. We all love Paris. The lights, the architecture, the tastes, the romance. But what if I told you that you could find all of that in Toronto’s Distillery District? Cluny Bistro has brought the delicious flavours of France to the city with a modern twist. Located along Tank House Lane among some of the other notable Distillery District restaurants, Cluny Bistro gives visitors a completely different experience than their neighbouring restaurants transporting you to a Parisian bistro though its exquisite decor and stand out plates. Designed by Munge Leung with graphics by Biography, every inch of this  11,000 square foot restaurant has been impeccably designed and thought out to infuse traditional French decor and contemporary elements in a historic space. Opened in 2014, Cluny Bistro has quickly become a staple in Toronto’s culinary scene offering guest the option of a full service sit down experience, a bar stocked with some of the best french spirits, beers and wines and a bakery making a variety of patisseries and lighter fare fresh daily.
Cluny ClunyLast week, I dropped by to try out their Summerlicious menu and see what exciting flavours they were cooking up for the warmer months. And it is safe to say that their prix-fixe menu did not disappoint. Serving a mixture of lighter and heavier options for lunch time, Cluny Bistro mixed the refreshing tastes of the summer in a unique way. We began our lunch with their fresh baked bread and Half Avocado Stuffed with Ambrose Prawns (coconut, orange, cardamom, dried fruit) which was a light and citric starter that offered you something different than the traditional green salad.  Cluny Cluny For the main, we had a difficult time deciding between the Chicken Piarad Sandwich (celery root remoulade, romaine chop salad with blue cheese dressing) or the lighter option of the Marinated Albacore Tuna Salad (crushed cucumber, tomato, romance sauce, almond).   Cluny ClunyAnd no French experience is ever complete without something sweet. So for dessert, we indulged in the Wild Strawberry Macaroon that was served with a torched vanilla meringue and raspberry sorbet.  Cluny With a larger room in the back available for special events, drop by Cluny Bistro for your next big occasion or swing by today for a special dinner.  Cluny

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