A Very Club Monaco Market

As an avid follower of the Club Monaco Culture Club blog for quite some time now, I love how they have been able to perfectly curate a lifestyle blog with a variety of contributors that embody the elegance and simplicity of the brand. Club Monaco has brought their brand to life as they have launched a Farmers Market outside their flagship store in Toronto on Bloor Street. Bringing together some of the best lifestyle retailers in the city to the streets of Yorkville, the Club Monaco Farmers Market features coffee, flowers, artisanal baked goods, ice cream and organic salads. Continuing their journey as not only providing customers with chic clothing, they also have created a brand that melds together all aspects of your life under one roof. This market will be open daily until mid-Fall so be sure to drop by and check it out. Curious to see who will be at the market? Take a look at all the great vendors below!
Club Monaco MarketClub Monaco MarketDrop by for a coffee at Boxcar Social creating artisanal drinks from some of the best roasters in North America at their custom-made bar on the corner of Bloor and Avenue. Club Monaco MarketOr, indulge in a treat next door at Bake Shoppe who have created a top notch modern bakery filled with nostalgic treats. From re-imagining the pop-tart with local made Kitten and the Bear jam to creating cookies and other baked goods that will make your mouth water… it is worth indulging in a sweet treat from them. Club Monaco MarketKeep true to Club Monaco‘s clean aesthetic, Sweet Woodruff has created a delightful outdoor flower market filled with custom made florals by Lisa Collins filled with fresh summer flowers. Club Monaco MarketIf you’re feeling hungry, then look no further to Parts & Labour who’s executive chef Matty Matheson has created a custom made fresh white fish and quinoa salad paired with summer fresh vegetables. Club Monaco MarketAnd last, but certainly not least, cool off with Philips Ice Pops who are making gourmet ice pops (and cotton candy!) from fresh fruit and herbs. Club Monaco Market

Club Monaco‘s flagship store is located at 157 Bloor Street West at the corner of Bloor Street West and Avenue Road. 

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