After the Wedding Bells

It has been officially over one year that my husband and I tied the knot, and so many people that had gone through the wedding planning experience warned me of the extra time I would be faced with once the wedding was over.

As time passed, I started to realize a lot of newlyweds used their “new found free time” to start businesses together, new hobbies, or just seriously bask in the down time. I myself found that after almost two years of wedding planning I was seriously looking forward to having some time off. But a lot of couples tend to forget about the tasks that still remain after the wedding is over!

1. Finalize all Things Wedding

First thing is first, within the first week of being a newlywed make sure you pay any remaining vendors, return any rentals, and drop off the grooms suit and brides dress to be professionally cleaned!

2. Thanks You’s are Important!

The day after the wedding I ordered thank you cards and received them within the week, we had postponed the honeymoon for a few months so I was able to get this done immediately. Once I received them I took my pen and tackled 10 cards a night minimum – I truly believe in hand written thank you cards, but my hands were so tired I totally understood why people opt for a non-personalized response! This is a personal choice and either way ensuring you send Thank You Cards within the first 2 months of the wedding is super important!

3. Honeymooning

I was SO happy that we planned our honeymoon for a couple months after the wedding because truthfully I was exhausted immediately after the wedding and don’t think I would have properly enjoyed our honeymoon. However, we did take a few days off and headed to Niagara on the Lake to relax before going back to “real life,” but we still had a wonderful honeymoon to look forward too. It was such a personal choice for us to take a little breather before we left, but I wouldn’t have changed that because I was able to fully enjoy our 3 week honeymoon. Ya I am crazy but we had decided to go across the world and I wanted as much time as possible with my new hubby!

4. If You are Changing your name!

There is a LOT of things that need to be handled before you can change your name, so check with your province for the protocols in order to fulfill this. However, after the wedding you do need to wait a period of time before you can request a copy of your marriage licence which is needed to change your name. Also ensure you have a minimum of 2 forms of id as well as your birth certificate when applying to change your name.


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