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Braids are pretty much that one hairstyle that will never fully go out of style. With so many variations to choose from, they way you can wear your hair in braids is endless. From french braids to fishtails to decorative floral crowns, I’m sure you can think of a different option for everyday of the week. And that’s why our friends over at Kérastase PARIS have recently launched their The Couture Book of Braids accompanied by a couture styling range of products, that feature a wide array of products for definition, curls, volume, and fixation to help you achieve the look you’ve always wanted. We dropped by The Loft on Queen St West in Toronto to learn some of their tips and tricks so today, I am sharing with you my top 3 favourite braids that are perfect for any occasion. For more style guides like these, get your own copy of their Book of Braids here.

BAT_Kerastase_Book of Braid_20,32x20,3258This fringe braid is a great low-key way to still have a effortless style that flows, but keeps your hair out of your face and off your neck on those hot summer days. Worn with, or without, the flower crown, depending on what you are wearing you can always stylize this braid with a head band to add some sparkle on a night out.

BAT_Kerastase_Book of Braid_20,32x20,3267Gone are the days of those high maintenance 90’s up-do’s where every piece of hair is perfectly pinned into place to give you a curly dome on the top of your head that won’t move. Add a little extra flair to your favourite top-knot by braiding the back of your hair (in reverse) and securing the rest at the top of your head in an elegant bun. This look is great for an evening out or special occasion but would also be an classy way to style your hair for a day at the office as well!
BAT_Kerastase_Book of Braid_20,32x20,3284

Sometimes all you need is a little braid to help keep your hair in place. That’s why this bangs braid is my “go to” because it not only brings my hair away from my face but it structures the hair in a relaxed looking crown to give you an extremely polished look. And what you do with the rest of your hair is up to you! Add some curls? Keep in pin straight? Tie it up into a bun? Opt for a sleek ponytail? The options are endless!

All images were provided by Kérastase PARIS Couture Book of Braids.

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