An Evening Of French Wine With iYellow

Let’s face it, wine is our best friend. Whether you are bringing a bottle as a gift for the host or polishing one off with a friend (or alone), wine will always be our drink of choice. Now if you’re anything like me, your knowledge of wine doesn’t go much further than knowing it comes from grapes (right?). iYellow Wine Club is the perfect solution.

iYellow is a wine club that specializes in introducing different wines to any level of wine drinkers. So whether you’re a wine connoisseur or just enjoy its perks, iYellow will introduce and teach you about the various wines of the world. I do have to mention that there is a hook… you MUST have fun! Founders Ange and Pax know what’s up and understand that wine is a fun and social drink. With 15,000+ members, iYellow Wine Club encourages you to come out to taste and learn about your favourite jiggle juice. So back in March, I had the pleasure of attending their evening of French Wine Paul Mas.

I had just recently attended my first iYellow event and to be quite honest my cheeks didn’t stop hurting from laughter until I left. Now I’m not sure if this is a result of the wine, but the iYellow team did such an amazing job of hosting that everyone just seemed to enjoy themselves. I’ve been to a couple wine tours and tastings, but nothing like this. iYellow made it feel as though I was tasting wine with my best friends while still learning everything there is to know about the specific drink in hand.
iYellow #2Oh but wait, there’s more. Not only did iYellow serve wine and food, but they also had several stations set up throughout the room for its members to enjoy. This included: a hair and makeup station, a fashion consultant informing you about the up and coming trends of the season and a beautiful display of original jewelry.
iYellowOne thing that I noticed was the lack of men in the room. Now I totally understand that wine is primarily associated with women, but all I have to say is, “what the heck brah!” Wine doesn’t and shouldn’t be gendered, in fact I encourage any man to attend one of the iYellow events and I promise that you will be hooked. Also, iYellow has a couple events coming up in the near future that are catered directly to its male audience.
iYellowSo if you’re looking to have a great time with your friends or alone, I sincerely encourage you to click the link below and sign up as a member for FREE. iYellow Wine Club is located in one of Toronto’s trendiest places at 243 Queen Street West. Sign up, learn and have fun!
iYellow #2

 *All images were taken by me.

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