Are You Going To The Love Art Fair?

Who says art has to only be for the elite? The Love Art Fair has created an accessible and affordable platform for everyone to enjoy high quality art. From first time buyers, to seasoned collectors, anyone can go home with an original painting, print, sculpture or photograph with pieces ranging fro $100 to $10,000 with more than half of the products under $5,000. First launched in 1999 by Will Ramsey, the Affordable Art Fair in London transformed the way the public approached art to help encourage the public to explore the world of accessible art.
A Gallery_Eunah Cho_Dreaming Box-09807_Mixed Media on Paper Box_(8.75x8.5in)_$950

A Gallery  “Dreaming Box” by Eunah Cho

This year, the Love Art Fair will showcase work from over 50 local, national and international galleries for a three day event hosting an array of original contemporary art and unique programming including a wide variety workshops, talks, panel discussions, cocktails, kids’ activities and other points of interest. With a large selection of art to fall in love with, local galleries will also include Mayberry Fine Art, Roberts Gallery and Abbozzo Gallery.
BADA_Charbonneau_Ecoulement_2014_acrylic and crayons on paper_30x22in_$1575

BADA “Ecoulement” by Charbonneau 

Is this your first time visiting the fair? We’ve got a few pointers for you! Always remember to slow down and enjoy all of the beautiful art around you. Looking for something in particular? Always keep in mind the space, size and colour scheme of the room that you’re looking for the perfect piece of art. Grab a guide so you know where the galleries you are looking for are and don’t be afraid to ask the galleries questions. They’re here to help! Remember to also always trust your instincts when it comes to picking the perfect work of art for you home. And always remember, to have fun! It’s a fair after all.
Canadian Art Collective_David Lidbetter_Winter's Touch_2014_oil on canvas_16X20_$1200

Canadian Art Collective “Winter’s Touch” by David Lidbetter

This year, the Love Art Fair is bringing our readers the exclusive opportunity to get you very own VIP ticket! Just use the code ILOVEART or click here to get your tickets to the event!
BADA_Olivier_La m+®moire des choses_2013_oil on canvas_32x36in_$4200

BADA “La memoire des choses” by Olivier 

Heritage Court, Direct Energy Centre, off Nunavut Road at Exhibition Place, Toronto

Thursday, April 16 7pm – 10pm (Private View)

Friday, April 17 12pm – 5pm; Free

Friday 5pm – 7pm; Art After Dark 7pm – 10pm

Saturday, April 18 11am – 7pm

Sunday, April 19 11am – 6 pm


General Admission: $12/day

Students/Seniors: $10/day

Children Under 16: Free

 For more information about the Love Art Fair, visit them online here.

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