Art in the Country at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection

Looking for some Canadiana but not too far from the GTA ? Try the McMichael  Canadian Art Collection in Kleinburg, Ontario where everything is FREE this weekend – July 8th and 9th !

The trip to Kleinburg is quick and easy from all corners of the city. Located just north of Major McKenzie Drive on Islington Avenue, the 100 acre wood lot is straight out of the Group of Seven’s picturesque canvases complete with hiking trails, picnic tables and even an artist-in-residence occupying Tom Thomson’s old cabin. Zachari Logan, the artist, is hard at work finishing a commissioned piece for his Pool Series and will be available to talk to the public on July 8th at 1:30pm followed by a special lecture where he will discuss the inner world of painter’s thinking. He has delved into the details and mysteries of Thompson’s life and personified this in his large dream like painting.

For history buffs, you may remember Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s saying “Reason Over Passion” when referring to the separatist movement in Quebec. This part of our Canadian heritage is preserved in a huge quilt designed by Joyce Weiland who is a featured artist in the lead exhibit, “Passion over Reason”. The deliberate reversal of words draws the viewer into an exhibition that both explores the mysteries of Tom Thomson, who drowned a hundred years ago and left a legacy of art work after only five years of painting, and the counter culture of Joyce Weiland who uses painted lips to form the words of O’Canada in a patriotic tribute to her homeland. The intertwining of the two artist is a brilliant back and forth between old and new, mentor and mentee, traditional and untraditional…something for everyone to like.

From a personal perspective, I was thrilled to see Thomson’s “Wildflowers” on display. This small but striking painting of white daisies, blue cornflowers and yellow snapdragons on an unusual black background is a classic and brings back memories of Ontario gardens from bygone days.

No better way to celebrate 150 years of Ontario and of Canada than enjoying art in nature with glass of wine or picnic lunch at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection.

Exhibits include:

·       Passion over Reason: Tom Thomson & Joyce Wieland

·       Morrisseau at the McMichael

·       Steve Driscoll and Finn O’Hara: Size Matters

·       The Group of Seven Guitar Project

·       Higher States: Lawren Harris and His American Contempories

·       Lawren Harris: Leaps and Bounds

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