Back To School Essentials

Back to school already?? Yes, I am so sorry to announce that the beginning of the school year is fast approaching and oddly enough stores are already getting Halloween decor out in the open. I just wanted to enjoy the summer and get a killer tan, but the world of retail is already telling us we need to start preparing for the inevitable. Don’t worry I won’t be giving you a lecture on getting that summer reading list done, however you should probably start working on it.

The only good part about going back to school was shopping for a killer new wardrobe and getting some brand spanking new school supplies. Who doesn’t like a box full of fresh multicoloured pens, enviable binders that just scream personality, or the coolest backpack in town? With all the options available now it’s becoming increasingly harder to pick favourites, but a lot easier to find multipurpose items to suit anyone.

I have rounded up my favourites that will be sure to stand out from the crowd without breaking the bank (you’re welcome mom!)

Backpack Madness: 1. Herschel Little America in Navy/Natural 2.Villacortese – Call It Spring  3. Tilzer – Aldo  4.Herschel Survey Hemp in Natural Hempbackpack madnessDesktop Essentials:

5. Posy Paper – ETSY
6. Kate Spade pens
7. ACD Shop Gentle Reminders pencils
8. Wood Flash Drive – ETSY
9. Oh So Lovely

desk top essentials Lunch Bag Finds:

11. Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag
12. Flavour It to Go Water Bottle
13. Bento Box
14.  Mason Jar Salad

Lunch Bag Finds

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