Barre Fitness For Beginners

Are you in a fitness rut? Well I totally am and over the past month I have been looking for unique ways to keep myself engaged in my fitness routine and create a sense of excitement. So I challenged myself to commit to an activity for at least one month with the high hopes of sticking with it for the long run. Full disclosure: I love to binge watch t.v. and as much as I envision myself at the beginning of the day working out I always fall short of making this a reality.

As a child I thoroughly enjoyed and looked forward to my weekly dance class and I fondly remember how much I loved going and engaging in the art form of dance. So my brain started working and I began to look for an adult dance class, unfortunately although they do exist any classes available near me are closed for the summer months. So I moved on to my next option: Yoga and Pilates (I really love me some yogalates) and I was so close to starting classes again when I noticed Barre Classes on the schedule. It was like my prayers were answered; Barre Fitness classes are known for combining aspects of Ballet Barre, Yoga & Pilates.

IMG_1753I decided to try classes at iGita Hot Yoga Club, Spa & Boutique in Oakville and I am really happy I did. The location is beautiful, nestled right by Oakville’s esteemed lakeshore and downtown core. What immediately made me comfortable was the staff – completely knowledgable, accomodating, friendly and full of advice. However, if you plan on making a trip here I would highly suggest reserving your spot as our class was full with 17 registrants.   Instruction was simple and definitely pushed me ALMOST to my breaking point, I couldn’t believe how these “little” movements actually made me break a sweat and left me with a satisfying burning sensation in not just my calves, but my thighs, arms and core as well. We utilized the ballet barre in many different ways, from classic ballet support to “barre pushups” and finally using the barre for stretches the uniqueness of the barre allowed to work out the smaller muscles that are often neglected. Our instructor, Justine,  was completely accommodating to all levels including beginners,  anyone with past injuries or medical conditions, and she thoroughly instructed each exercise. I left feeling confident, happy and ready to go back the next week.   My advice is to definitely try this class out, it was packed with fat burning moves, toning exercises and best of all a lot of fun. IMG_1752 (1)

Ready to try out a local Barre Fitness class? Well don’t forget the essentials, here is my roundup of what you need to look the part all from vendors from ETSY!

Inspiration Outfit 1
Outfit 11. Dolly Bow Victorian Pastel Dusty Pink Tie on Headband – Minita Studio  2. Organic Bamboo Tights – Sea of Wolves  3. Dream Weaver – Vagabond Yoga   4. Barre so Hard. Arima Designs   Outfit 2

5. Aztec Hair Bands – Kaylee Marie Boutique
6. Ocean Sunset – Brazen Design Studio
7. The Cassady Yoga Mat – Yeti Yoga
8. Cashmere Bralette – Ecomica

Outfit 3
9.Tribal Octapus – Shop Segra
10. Barre Crawl Muscle Tank – Bell and Grind
11.  Nike Studio Wraps
12. Black & white Scruncy – Shop Forgals
13. Wild Soul – Sugar Mat – Montreal, QC

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