Beat Jet Lag with Dream Water

This year, like every year, I greeted the New Year with high hopes of doing better than the last and living a healthier life. But sometimes keeping a resolution can be difficult as your life gets busier. As a travel journalist, I find myself travelling at least twice a month. And hopping from timezone to timezone can do a number on your sleep pattern. That’s why getting a good night’s rest is one of the most important things you can do to stay healthy as you travel.

One of the most common side effects of jet lag is the disruption of sleep that can lead to daytime fatigue and other symptoms leaving you feeling unwell. And believe me, the last thing you want to experience while you’re visiting a new destination is exhaustion. While it is always important to stay hydrated while you’re on the road, regulating your sleep patterns with Dream Water can help you adjust to your new destination and wake up feeling refreshed.
IMG_7715Dream Water is a fast acting, non-prescription liquid sleep aid that helps you sleep naturally. It is made with three key ingredients (melatonin, GABA and 5-HTP) that help you fall asleep naturally, stay asleep and wake up feeling well rested. Dream Water is available in a single serve bottle (that is both TSA and CATSA approved!) and should be taken 30 minutes before you’d like to get to sleep. Dream Water is approved by Health Canada as a safe, effective and high quality natural health product that provides consumers with an alternative to prescription and other over the counter sleep aids. Long-term use of prescription sleep aids has been shown to cause short-term memory loss, dependency, and actually worsen sleep quality.

Dream Water is available in Snoozeberry flavour, a combination of blueberry, citrus and pomegranate flavours and found across Canada at select Shoppers Drug Mart’s (in the nutrition section), Gateway Newstands, 7-Eleven and other grocery, pharmacy, natural health and convenience stores.

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