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There is nothing classier than seeing a guy rock a bow tie. Give your outfit the formal, elegant edge with a great bow tie. But not to worry, tying a bowtie doesn’t have to be complicated. The right size for a bow tie should never extend past your shirt collar and should never be broader than the widest part of your next. Here’s a simple guide for how to tie the perfect knot! The easiest way to tie a bow tie is to stand in front of the mirror. This will not only help your see what you’re doing but also help make sure that is even.

 How To Tie a Bowtie

  1. Place the bowtie around your neck, situating it so that left side is two inches longer than the right.
  2. Cross the right side over the left.
  3. Bring the right side under the loop.
  4.  Now double end the left side over itself to form the front base loop of the bow tie.
  5.  Loop end right over the center of the loop you just formed
  6.  Holding everything in place, double end right back on itself and poke it through the loop behind the bowtie.
  7. Finish off by adjusting the bow tie by tugging at the ends of it and straightening the center knot.image (5)

Now that you know how to tie the perfect bowtie, it’s time to pick out that matched your personal style. While at Toronto Men’s Fashion Week, I discovered the great local designer Kishan Patel who makes Lord of Ties one of a kind line of premium bowties. Reasonably prices, and exceptionally made, these bowties are handcrafted right here in Toronto. Handmade with 100% silk or 100% cotton and available in a variety of patterns and prints, each bowtie is made with an adjustable strap to fit all neck sizes so you have a bowtie that fits you and your look perfectly. Looking for a bowtie for your next fancy occasion? Here are my favourite styles here!

image (2)image

image (3)

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For more information of Lord of Ties or to shop their collection, visit them online here:

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