Bikini Waxing Do’s And Don’ts

With locations all across Toronto, WAXON WAXBAR is a specialty beauty bar that will help you keeping smooth, on trend and looking flawless after every appointment. With an excellent team of waxologists, all certified estheticians are trained the WAXON way; you are guaranteed a virtually painless experience and the highest level of care. Using three different types of wax, their a committed to providing you the best service possible. First opened in 2012 by founder Lexi MilesWAXON WAXBAR is the high-end trendy environment both men and women were looking for to provide all of their beauty essentials.


For the month of June, WAXON WAXBAR is partnering with the charity Project Sunshine Canada. From June 1st to 30th, all locations will accept donations and match the donations from the customers that will be used to bring fun and wellness to children in ten health facilities across Canada including The Hospital for Sick Children, Mount Sinai Hospital, North York General Hospital and Montreal Children’s Hospital. “I have volunteered my time in the past for Project Sunshine Canada, and as a business we’re excited to raise funds for a worthy cause close to my heart.” says Lexi Miles (Founder of WAXON), “Children and their families deserve all the support possible during health challenges, so we are excited to challenge WAXON clients to double our fundraising contributions during Sunshine Month!” 100% of all client donations go directly to Project Sunshine Canada.
Since beach and bikini season is fast approaching, we sat down with the Founder of WAXON WAXBAR to learn her tips on how to get best bikini and Brazilian! WAXON also carries a line of signature lbeauty products, soaps and scrubs to meet all of you skin care needs for post and pre bikini wax using natural ingredients like coconut oil, natural exfoliants like sugar and white lava, and medicinal arnica oil.

Best ways to prep for a bikini wax appointment: 

      • Exfoliating the day before getting a wax will help prep the hair to be removed and slough off dead skin cells. Also, trimming the hair if it is too long will ease pain during a wax service as there wont be a pull when removing the wax strip. The ideal hair length is the length of a grain of rice – approximately 2mm.
      • For great results try WAXON Loofah Scrub

How to prevent ingrown hairs: 

            • The #1 way to prevent ingrown hairs is to frequently Wax! Waxing every 4-5 weeks helps prevent ingrown hairs. When the hairs are shorter and are on the same growth cycle it reduces the pull during a wax service, allowing the hair to be removed effectively which prevents ingrown hairs.
            • Exfoliating at least 2-3 times per week to slough off dead skin cells – ingrown hairs are caused by hair not being able to break the surface and grow normally above the skin because of the layer of dead skin so it curls back under.
            • The very best product to eliminate and prevent ingrown hair from coming back in the future… Oprah favourite – PrinceReigns Ingrown hair serum. Use daily and see immediate results.


When to wax before a vacation/getaway:

                  • It’s important to wait at least 24 hours before going into the sun after getting a wax. Heat on heat is an irritant and could cause a reaction because the skin can be sensitive post wax. We recommend booking your wax appointment 1 – 2 days before your vacation in the sun!

How to deal with the “ouch” factor of a bikini wax:

                • For ‘ouchless’ hair removal we recommend BareEase numbing cream.This breakthrough numbing kit helps reduce the pain inflicted from waxing. Simply apply the cream 20-30 minutes before your wax service to reduce pain. Great for first time waxers or pregnant women as their increase in hormones can result in a more uncomfortable experience.
                • AT WAXON we follow our signature 5-step process and use a combination of hard and soft waxes, which makes for a much less painful experiences.


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