Book Club: The Dining and Social Club For Time Travellers

It is a great pleasure for bookworms like myself when you find a book that is enjoyable for everyone in your family. And that is exactly what The Dining and Social Club For Time Travellers is. Although it has been classified as Young Adult fiction, I became entranced with this novel after reading the first few pages. Written by Elyse Kishimoto and written and illustrated by Doug Feaver, The Divine Intervention is the first novel published of a trilogy that will tell the story of the adventures of a secret society of time travellers who will go around the globe.

Set in modern day Paris, the main character Louisa Sparks discovers a unique pocket watch that allows her to travel through time. She then joins the Dining and Social Club For Time Travellers in Paris whose members span from all over the world (and other galaxies!) and span over many centuries. Even though this novel is set under fantastical circumstances, it also depicts a very relatable coming of age story as Louisa as a pre-teen is being forced to navigate life’s difficulties under the watch of her quirky Uncle Hignard.


Illustration by Doug Feaver

This novel was written Elyse Kishimoto who began her career as an elementary school teacher and then left the profession to pursue writing full time. It is that passion for travel, writing and understanding of children that has made these novels so captivating, inspiring young readers to want to discover the wonders around this world. But this novel would not be complete without the illustrations by Doug Feaver. After years of owning his own business, he was inspired to put his skills and experience into his passion for writing and illustration. His drawings accompany the story perfectly and probes young readers to imagine this new world which Louisa Sparks is living in.


Illustration by Doug Feaver

For more information on The Dining and Social Club For Time Travellers visit their website and online shop to order your own copy here! And for those teachers out there looking for something unique to bring to their classroom, book an visit with the authors through their website here.

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