Breakfast With Google: Redefining How Canadians Shop

It shouldn’t come to a surprise to you when you hear that the way that Canadians are shopping, both online and in real life is changing. We now have access to more information, instantly available at our fingertips, than ever before. Last week, I dropped by The Edible Story in Toronto for a breakfast with Google Canada to learn all about this changing phenomenon. Google Canada describes these brief, yet targeted, times of Internet activity as mirco moments. With the Internet always at with us, smart phones are changing the way consumers are interacting with brands. We are going online to get immediate answers and information from brands to shape our I want to buy, I want to go, I want to know and I want to do moments.

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Did you know that “70% of Canadian smartphone users consult their phones while in a store”? Or that “48% of Canadian smartphone users say they make quicker purchase decisions now because they do research on their phones”? (Source: Google Consumer Surveys, Canada Online Population). Over the last year, there has been a 115% increase in shopping searches coming from smartphones (Google Data, global) with these decisions happening while consumers are on the road or multi-tasking other things. However, Canadians are less likely to actually make those purchases on their mobile devices.


So what does that mean for Canadian retailers? Since the way Canadian consumers are shopping, researching and interacting with brands online is changing, then stores and retailers must adapt to this as well. By providing easy to navigate online shopping experiences, this is the difference that can help someone make a decision between something as simple as a pair of shoes by being able to browse through and decide between styles easily. When a large purchase, or a delivery time frame is involved, retailers like Canadian Tire have responded to their customer demands by offering the option to pick up items in the store nearest to them or to help them navigate their big box stores by providing them with a directory of where they can find the item with an aisle directory. Canadians are looking for inspiration online and ease in their mobile shopping experience it is up to you as retailers to provide it. Create dynamic content, get creative, play with video and visuals, offering them options to get their experience online…no matter what it may be, help your customers find exactly what they’ve were looking for.


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