#BrewersTalk Dinner with Henderson Brewing Company

This week, The Creators Commune had the pleasure of celebrating their third event with Henderson Brewing Company at The Drake Hotel. Both teams were incredibly helpful pulling together a selection of locally made craft beer to pair with items from The Drake Hotel’s stand out menu. A huge thank you goes out to each and everyone who made it out on Tuesday to dine and drink with us and to those who were so helpful in planning the event. But if you weren’t able to make it, don’t fret, we’ll be having another event soon. And to help tempt you a little more, here’s a look at what we served at the #BrewersTalk at The Drake Cafe.

Course 1: Squash Salad paired with Food Truck Blonde Ale
This Squash Salad is a work of art mixing three different kinds of squash served beautifully on a  bed of mustard greens drizzled with a maple orange vinaigrette.  We decided to pair this dish with a beer that is simple yet approachable to let the flavours in the food shine through. Because a flavours in a salad are not as complex, the Food Truck Blonde Ale was a great option that has a cleansing flavour with a slightly sweet finish.

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Course 2: Drake Burger paired with Henderson’s Best Amber Ale
For our main, you can never go wrong with the Drake’s dry aged burger served with russian dressing, bacon, cheddar and pickles. Because the burger as a bolder flavour, the Henderson’s Best Amber Ale help bring out the rich flavours of meat as the beer is bolder up front and has a slightly bitter finish. This beer is Henderson’s flagship bee made with modern hops for a contemporary taste in an English style ale.

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Course 3: Apple Pie with the Anti-Submarine Berliner Weisse
Always a crowd favourite, we finished the night with a slow roasted cinnamon spiced apple pie served with almond ice cream. We paired the final dish with a sour beer as the Anti-Submarine Berliner Weisse has a tart green apple finish that pairs beautifully with the pie. It is also over carbonated giving it an almost champagne like bubbly quality.

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