Bring The Beauty Of Bliss Home

We all deserve to pamper ourselves ever once and awhile. So why not bring those relaxing spa treatments you love home with the help of bliss. Treat yourself to that relaxing feeling of spa with their various lines of wonderful skincare products to meet your every need. I had the pleasure of dropping by their bliss launch a few weeks ago so I’ve decided to share some of my favourite beauty secrets from them with you! From skincare to body toning to hair removal products, which products are your favourite?

The skinny on fatgirlslim.

We all have those trouble areas that we want to fix. But the beauty of their fatgirlslim products is that they help bring our your natural glow to help smooth, soften, tone and firm your skin. Aimed to target each area of your body, you can choose from a wind range of products to easily perfect your skin in an instant. From the fatgirl sixpack (hello bikini season!) to the fatgirlslim armcandy (tank tops anyone?) to their fatgirlslim skin firming cream, you’re covered no mater what you’ll be wearing this weekend! And for that extra bit of sparkle, the hide&glowsleek gives you a firming and luminous tinted body spray which is sure to have you turn heads this summer.

BlissYour very own bliss spa.

Keeping your skin feeling clean in fresh is everyone’s number one goal. The Triple Oxygen line gives your skin a whole new level of clean to help combat environmental toxins and help brighten skin that may appear to be tired or dull. For your everyday skincare needs, the fabulous collection covers all of your skincare essentials. The fabulous makeup melt is a girl’s best friend to help remove even the toughest of waterproof products! They even have products to help with all of your hair removal needs. The ‘fuzz’ off foam is an easy way to remove that unwanted hair and the ingrown eliminating pads helps prevent the pains of ingrown hair. However I’d have to say that my favourite product of them all is the that’s incred-‘peel’ pads to help resurface your skin before you go to bed.


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