Caffeine Addicts Unite at the Toronto Coffee & Tea Expo

If you are anything like I am I literally cannot survive one day without some form of caffeine. Weekends included! The aroma, the jolt of energy, and honestly that seductive taste of any caffeinated beverage instantly soothes me. Lucky for Creators Commune, we were invited to check out the Toronto Coffee & Tea Expo on Saturday, April 8th to taste, learn and indulge in a variety of the budding indie cafe society taking over Toronto. Here are some of the notable vendors we adored!

Courtesy of Toronto Coffee & Tea Expo

Chaiwala Chai

Handcrafted in Toronto this 100% Natural Masala Chai tastes like heaven for your health! Made with freshly ground spices, fresh ginger and blended with organic honey this tea was definitely unique and voted as the People’s Choice Tea Brand for the event and we would have to agree.

Courtesy Toronto Coffee & Tea Expo

 The Maker Bean Cafe

The Maker Bean Cafe is a unique space for creating and enjoying coffee and food in an environment that boasts creativity and charm. The Maker Bean is also known for its customized coasters, they had a specific coaster created for the Toronto Coffee & Tea expo that was too cute for words!

Courtesy Toronto Coffee Tea Expo

Zuccarini Importing & Barocco Coffee 

Together Zuccarini Imports & Barocco Coffee hosted Latte Art workshops throughout the day. Baristas were teaching attending coffee lovers a couple tips and tricks of the trade and how to get those beautiful latte hearts we are all swooning over.

Courtesy Toronto Coffee Tea Expo

For more information on vendors at the event click here.

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