Celebrate Valentine’s Day with this Recipe

This year, why not celebrate Valentine’s Day at home by cooking something special for your loved one. Our friends over at Continental Noodles‘ have created special Valentine’s Day ravioli are available in pink, white, red, and black heart-shaped ravioli stuffed with fresh ricotta, parmasean, and spinach – and of course, made with love!  To help you cook up something delicious, here is a tasty and easy recipe that is sure to impress that special someone in your life! For a Valentine’s Day treat to pair with your romantic pasta dish, the Liberatore family recommends Spinelli Montepulciano, or Astoria Prosecco.

Continental Noodles’ Valentine’s Day Ravioli
-1/2 cup of tomato sauce
-1/4 cup of a heavy cream
-2 tablespoons of freshly grated Parmesan cheese
-1 teaspoon of freshly chopped Italian parsley

To make a simple sauce that suits the occasion, Continental Noodles recommends a classic, crema rosa! In a pot on medium heat, add tomato sauce and cream, stirring constantly and bring to a simmer.

In a seperate pot of salted water, add ravioli to boiling water, reducing the heat from a hard boil to a simmer. Boil ravioli for 4-6 minutes until pasta is tender, then drain. Add cooked ravioli to a plate, and drizzle with crema rosa sauce. Top off the finished dish with fresh parmesan cheese, and Italian parsley to garnish.

Buon appetito!

These Valentine’s Day ravioli can be purchased for $12.99 (500 g bag), at any of the Liberatore family’s three locations:  Continental Noodles in Toronto (1664 Jane St.), and Woodbridge (830 Rowntree Dairy Road, Unit 9). As well as, Pasta Goodness in North York (602 Marlee Avenue) until Valentine’s Day.

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