Celebrating My Family in Trinidad & Tobago

Earlier this year I was able to escape the city and fly to Trinidad & Tobago for a much needed visit with my family. Lucky for me, my father was born in Port of Spain, Trinidad and we decided to head back to his home and dive into West Indian culture. Not only was I able to relax with family I rarely get to see but I was also able to taste incredible food and discover a my fathers cultural ties to the Caribbean.

My dad took the task of introducing myself and my sister to his roots super seriously and made sure we enjoyed everything Trinidad had to offer. This included doubles in Débé, touring around Port of Spain for ice cream and soaking up the sun in Tobago. His must try list included fresh roti, shark & bake (that my wonderful great uncle made for us), and KFC. We were told by multiple people to try Trinidad’s KFC and I assure you it definitely is not like the KFC in North America! For me, I completely enjoyed the bright coloured buildings and hand painted signs found all around Trinidad, to me it spoke about the culture and the liveliness of the each town.

Our few days spent in Tobago meant some serious beach and ocean time. I had been to Tobago The beaches are incredible and I would highly suggest spending a day at Store Bay and Pigeon Point beaches. We decided to take a Glass Bottom Boat tour from Store Bay and we were not disappointed in the slightest. Not only was it amazing to see all the live coral and fish underneath the boat but one of the stops was at  Nylon Pool, which is a shallow pool in the middle of the sea. The waters were warm and a few boats had stopped at the same time and the party scene was incredible.

Foodie friends I highly suggest trying the Crab & Dumpling at Store Bay Beach Facilities, many of the vendors offered it and it was so delicious!

One of my biggest worries through out the trip was getting my caffeine fix (note: I drink way too much coffee), but I didn’t have to worry! Rituals Coffee House offered amazingly delicious coffee, espresso and chillers that could rival Starbucks’ menu!

After a few days in Tobago we flew back to Trinidad to spend more time with my family. Although I was able to discover some the most beautiful parts of Trinidad & Tobago there was so much more I would have loved to see, but for us the meaning of this trip was family and I didn’t want to waste a single moment without them.

If you ever have the chance I highly suggest taking a trip to where your family calls home; there is so much to learn and see and do and experience from their point of view. I have always been very aware that having immigrants for parents things did not come very easily to them, and their hard work made mine and my sister’s lives a lot easier than theirs. I am so grateful for their hard work and all the sacrifices my grandparents took to enable a brighter future for me. It was such a humbling experience to realize the hardships that they faced and the risks they took to move to Canada.


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