Chef Michael P. Clive’s “Must-Have” BBQ Accessories

They key to becoming a master griller, is equipping your BBQ tool kit with the right tools. Investing in high quality and durable cooking accessories and utensils is important in allowing you to take your backyard grilling game to the next level. Having the right tools allows you to grill with more ease and helps increase the functionality and accuracy in your cooking. Thanks to the help of Weber Grill Specialist and Celebrity Chef Michael P. Clive from the Weber Grill Academy we have rounded up you Top 8 cooking essentials for the summer!

What are your backyard BBQ must-haves?

  1. Tongs: Look for heavy-duty tongs that are about 16 inches long, feel comfortable in your hand, have sturdy metal pincers, and are dishwasher safe. A locking mechanism is nice for keeping them closed when not in use.
  2. Spatula: The material should be solid, heavy-gauge metal with a thin yet rigid blade about 4 inches wide. Look for a bent (offset) neck that puts the blade lower than the handle. The total length should be about 16 inches.
  3. Grill Brush: Spring for a solid, sturdy, long-handled brush with stiff stainless steel bristles
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  4. Timer: The best ones have extra large digits for easy reading, loud alarms, belt clips, and the flexibility to count up from zero as well as down from whatever time you pick.
  5. Instant-Read Thermometer: You can buy an inexpensive thermometer with a dial face or a more expensive one with a digital face. Ideally the sensor will be very close to the tip so you can easily pinpoint the area of the food you want to measure.
  6. Barbecue Mitts: Invest in a pair with good-quality materials and workmanship that will hold up well over time.
  7. Chimney Starter: The simple design lets you start charcoal quickly and evenly without using lighter fluid. Look for one with two handles—one heatproof side handle for lifting and a hinged top handle for support—and a capacity to hold at least 5 quarts of briquettes (about 80 to 100 pieces).

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