Choosing An Alternative Education Path

School season always seems to creep up really fast. Some of us love it, some hate it and others seem pretty indifferent to it. For those that fall more into the second two categories, I though it might helped if i shared my less “traditional” education path. What lead to me to the decisions I made, what I’ve learnt along the way and where I hope to go from here. Just remember, there are no right or wrong decisions. This is what happened to my life. I really admire people who stick in school and pursue amazing careers that require years of studying and hard work.
I have always had such a lovehate relationship with school.
The thing is I love learning. Leave me in a library and I could spend the next week just reading all kinds of books without a problem. From Science all the way to Fiction books and everything in between, I’ll devour any type of knowledge I can get my hands on. Stick me in a class room though, with 30 other kids, with a teacher that is not always passionated about what they are teaching and then tell me what I’ve got to learn and how I’ve got to learn it. That’s a no go for my brain. I’ll end up day dreaming about hiking in the Himalayas or reading about the new research they’ve got on mental illnesses when I should be learning about statistics.
My last year of high school absolutely sucked.
I got Mononucleosis and missed about four months of school. Which resulted in me barely passing all my classes and only getting accepted into the tiny Cejep in my town. (The two years in between finishing Grade 11 and starting University in Quebec) Looking back it might of ended up a whole lot differently if I had sucked up my unhappiness with the situation and just stayed in school and studied my butt off. That isn’t my happened though, I dropped out of Cejep after two weeks. Of course, my mother wasn’t thrilled with my decision but she understood where I was coming from. I have been really lucky that all through my path, I have a mother that supports all my crazy ideas. As soon as I left school, I started working six to seven days a week as a Snowboard Coach at my local ski hill, where I had all ready been working part time for the past three years.
I really had no clue what I wanted to do with my life but I was enjoying teaching very much. Sadly, my plan was cut short when the health conditions I’ve had since a child decided it was the perfect time to become the worst they had ever been. Being in and out of hospitals almost weekly made it hard to keep up such a physical job. So all while keeping the same job but very part time, I decided to go back to school. Not back to Cejep but into Massage Therapy School.
So not only two months after quitting school, I was back in the learning seat. Only this time, it was a much more hands on course and something that interested me much more. When I graduated, after eight months of putting all I had into this course, I packed up everything and I drove across Canada with my boyfriend at the time. All though it was only for a visit, I really wanted to see what was the possibility of making a life out there. That plan also went to water not to long after, when after a year of working really hard to save enough money to move, the same boyfriend broke up with me. It left me so heartbroken and I had no will to pursue anything for up to a year after.
Fast forward to now, almost four years later. I started my own business as a Massage Therapist, which I have worked as for three years now. I run a beautiful yoga studio. I have traveled to countries I never imagined i would get to see and met some pretty cool people. I started writing for an awesome blog. (Yay!) Oh, and I also went back to school again. This time though, it’s a whole other ball game. Last winter I was accepted to Concordia in Montreal to study as a Mature student in Sociology. It means that since I didn’t go to Cejep, I have to complete 18 additional credits on top of the 90 credits for a bachelors degree. Eventually, I am hoping to transfer into Psychology when I get good enough grades. My ultimate goal is to incorporate my love for yoga and wellness with Psychology to help people all over the word affected by mental illnesses.
You wouldn’t of guessed I would of ended up here. After a really rough four years of intense change, heartbreak and having every idea I had shot down. That girl with crippling shyness that had not one clue what to pursue career wise, now has her two feet firmly rooted into the ground and eyes set on clear goals. Believe me, I am so far from done and it’s still not going to be easy. To pay for University, I still have to maintain my full time job to pay for tuition and rent. But if I learnt anything in these past years, it would be to never give up. Even through all the good and the bad, I learnt that I can go through anything.
It’s totally okay to feel lost and not sure of what you’re next move. Just remember that you are at the right place. Every single choice you’ve ever made has brought you here.  As long as you do everything with love, that’s all that really matters. You can loose your way, yes, but you aren’t alone. Trust in the good things coming. Know that it’s only a ripple on the surface of the ocean that is your life. You are here for a reason.

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Jasmine is a creative soul living in Tremblant, Quebec. A lover all adventure and yoga, she's always ready for whatever journey life may take her on.

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