Cleansing For Spring

Spring is finally here. And if you’re anything like me you cannot wait to get outside and get back to your healthy and active life that has been in hibernation all winter long. But getting moving is only half the battle. It is important be conscious of what you are putting into your body and eat well to put yourself on a healthier path. Now, thanks so companies such as Cedar Juice, you can get your daily nutrients all packed into one powerful drink. With a variety of options and multiple juices to choose from, Cedar Juice offers a great way to kickstart your healthy lifestyle with their different cleansing plans.

But before you think about starting a cleanse, it is important to take your pre and post cleaning ritual into consideration. Try and phase out the processed foods in your diet by replacing them with health vegetables while slowly replacing the meat in your diet with fish (when needed), brown rice, quinoa or sweat potatoes and slowly cutting out your daily caffeine intake. After your cleanse is finished, just the same way that you eased into yourjuice cleanse, is out of it as well by slowly introducing your body to natural foods first.

Whether you’re looking for a 1 day cleanse (perfect for someone who is new to cleansing and looking for a quick nutritious detox) 3 day cleanse (great for first time cleansers who want to launch their healthy living plan) or 5 day cleanse (for those who want to challenge themselves a bit and take their cleanse to the next level), Cedar Juice supplies you with 6 nutritious juices a day to help guide you through this journey. Each detoxifying juices are labeled from #1 to #6 to easily guide you through the day and provided you with all of the nutrition that you’ll need.

The 3-Day Juice Cleanse is perfect for people looking for improved digestion (and maybe event weight loss!), clarity of mind, higher energy and an enhanced complexion. Each Cedar Juice is filled with the super foods and nutrients that your body is craving. Each drink mixes together a variety of all natural flavours to give you a unique blend of juices to take you through the day and give you the energy and sustenance that you need. They are made with organic fruits and vegetables and are cold pressed to help extract all of the nutritious properties. Each drink is made fresh (never pasteurized) and delivered all across Canada right to your house just days before your cleanse is supposed to start.


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