Come And Get It On Queen Street West

Have you ever craved the same delicious flavours in a sandwich, salad, wrap and poutine? Well look no further. Created by the owner Jon Polubiec, Come and Get It offers diners this unique on customizing their meal to one of the seven distinct flavour profiles. Moving from their pop-up location on Spadina to their new permanent home on Queen St. just west of Bathurst St, Come and Get It offers a deliciously eclectic and unique menu to delight guests with.

Serving hearty sandwiches, poutiness, salads and naan wraps in one of their seven flavour combinations, for lunch guest can choose from Chipotle Short Rib, Hawaiian Pork Belly, Fried Chicken Caesar, Mango Jerk Chicken, Ol’El Paso Taco, Coconut Shrimp and Seasonal Veg. After 6:00 pm, once the evening is underway, Come and Get It transforms their signature profiles into the perfect sized options for snacking and sharing with single snack serving, sliders, mini poutiness, bag o’bites and naan flat breads. Does life get any better than this? Why yes, yes it does. Working with an in house mixologist, their cocktails infuse a wide range of spirits and flavours into the perfect concoction.
Come and Get ItTheir laid back format has turned this restaurant into a Queen West staple offering guest exceptional food in a relaxed, urban environment. I had the pleasure of stopping by a few weekend ago and left far from being disappointed. Brunch is a serious activity in Toronto and Come and Get It is in it to win it with their exceptional and innovative menu that mixes both the savoury and sweet flavours you’re craving in the morning in new ways.
Come and Get ItFor brunch, we decided to indulge in their take on a traditional breakfast with the C.A.G.I Fry Up (that is served with 3 eggs, maple bacon, sausage, pork belly baked beans, cheese tots, toast and a refreshing balsamic side salad), and revamped classic with the Hawaiian Pork Belly Benedict (a poached egg is served over hoisin glazed pork belly that is drizzled with pinapple hollandaise sauce and serviced with a sweet onion side salad and cheese tots) and share their delicious Breakfast Poutine (eggs, maple bacon, poached eggs, hollandaise, mozzarella and cheddar cheese curd….need I say more?).
Come and Get ItCome and Get ItCome and Get ItAnd nothing says brunch without a little bit of booze, so we said “cheers” to the weekend with the W.E.S.M. and a Marg n’Eggs!
Come and Get ItCome and Get ItVisit Come and Get It online here or drop by their restaurant at 676 Queen St. West in Toronto.

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