#CONTEST: Having a Date with Pizza Pizza this Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day, there is nothing that I’d like to do more then stay at home, with an episode of my favourite show on Netflix and order in. According to a survey commissioned by Pizza Pizza, 47 per cent of Canadians celebrating Valentine’s Day would rather stay in and share a romantic evening at home. And 5% per cent of Canadians that they have a date with pizza this Valentine’s Day. I guess I must be part of that 5% because this evening I’m curling up and ordering a pizza in the shape of a heart this evening to relax and unwind. For all those of your hoping to find some love and pizza this evening, each pizza (equivalent in size to a 12″ medium, that can be personalized with any two toppings) will come with a box of chocolates and chance two carat diamond ring.

To help make your Valentine’s Day just a little bit better, we’re giving you the chance to win a $100 gift card to Pizza Pizza. All you have to do is tag someone in our Facebook post with who you’d share your pizza in the shape of a heart with.


Bon Chance et Bon Appetit!
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