Cooking With Jerky

Jerky is a delicious snack that has been enjoyed for MANY years now. But did you know that you can also use your favourite jerky in some of your favourite recipes? Since most jerky is flavoured and meat based, it is the perfect addition to help spice up simple recipes. Plus, it is a good source of protein too! Here are three great ways to add some JERKY to your life!

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-For an easy addition, add it to your favourite salad instead of bacon bits to give it a little more flavour.
-In the morning, why not try to finely chopping up your jerky and toss it into your favourite breakfast casserole or into your favourite omelet recipe. Instead of using bacon or other meats, why not toss in that chopped up jerky!
-Toss some jerky into your food processor to finely chop it up and mix it into the bread crumb mixture that you top your mac & cheese with or add it to a homemade potato salad or macaroni salad!

Love these? Share with us some ideas you have for using your jerky in a recipe!

Our PicksBeretta Farms makes a delicious antibiotic & hormone free beef jerky from the meat that you know and trust. Or, if you are looking for something full of flavour, Krave Jerky is known for their naturally flavoured beef and pork jerky that has been double marinated to keep its tender and delicious texture.
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