Cooking With Zwilling: Knife Sharpening 101

Last week, I stopped by Montecito in Toronto to sit in on Zwilling’s knife sharpening skills class with Chef Jonathan Collins. Now, I have to admit one thing before I keep going. I am highly afraid of knives. Although I LOVE cooking, I do so with the smallest one possible. So this event was kind of a “fear factor” experience for me. But it was very informative to learn the proper way to use knives and realize how important it is to have sharp ones in your kitchen. Did you know that most kitchen-based accidents occur because of dull knives? A high quality sharp knife allows you to cut with more precision and finesse making you less likely to have the blade slip.
Cooking with zwilling

But how can you tell if your knives need a sharpening? Test them out on a round food with a slick surface like an onion (with the peel) or a tomato to see if you can easily cut into the surface without applying too much pressure. Be also wary of your knife care to help keep them in their best condition. Did you know that washing your knifes in the dishwasher can cause the knife to misshape or wear down the blade? Also, be sure to keep your knives in the proper case. By just keeping them in a drawer can cause them to dull as they rub against the other utensils.

Want to learn more about how to properly sharpen your knives? Check out more of Zwilling’s videos online here.
Cooking with zwillingCooking with zwillingThe next step in becoming the next master chef, is properly outfitting your kitchen. What are your essentials? Here are mine!

  • ZWILLING Pro Utility Knife
  • ZWILLING Diamond Sharpening Steel
  • ZWILLING Cutting Board
  • staub ceramic bowl (how pretty is the red colour?)

ZwillingWe then ended the night by enjoying Montecito’s delicious summer fresh menu. Inspired by the fresh and experimental flavours of California, Montecito transports this casually elegant world to downtown Toronto. Created by Toronto-native and Hollywood director Ivan Reitman and Master Chef Jonathan Waxman, Montecito has quickly become one of the best new restaurants in the city. Cooking with zwilling
Cooking with zwilling

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