Crazy Wedding Lists Go You Down? Unique Vendors Have You Covered

Wedding planning can be overwhelming, but so can bridal party duty. With so many meticulous details, flowers, appointments, decisions and fairy tale dust associated with the big day it can make anyone quiver in their boots with stress. And unfortunately that is the exact location I am currently in: overwhelmed, exhausted and still over 365 days away from the big day with a large to-do list still ahead of me. Of course, with the help of the Internet I have been exhausting myself looking for time saving, anti-anxiety causing options to avoid being dubbed a crazy “bridezilla” while still trying to determine what style I want to create for the big day.

There are many options couples have to decide from choosing the venue, music, transportation, etc. Yet in all of my research I have stumbled across some interesting options that couples can now incorporate for support.


Month of Coordinator

Not your typical or traditional “Wedding Planner”, many wedding planning or event planning companies offer a month off co-ordinating service to alleviate any of the last minute details, 24 hour rush, and mind boggling details that as a bride or groom you will not have the time to deal with. Great for the couple that has pretty much taken care of the planning and knows what they want. These services typically include coordinating vendors, confirming setup times, assisting with the wedding ceremony rehearsal, and ensuring that you will not know of any mishaps on the day of. To me this sounds fantastic since a lot of complaints I have heard from couples who have already married is that the day goes by so fast and they wish they could have enjoyed it more. By hiring a coordinator for the month of couples won’t have to worry about where vendors are setting up, if everyone is following the timeline for the day and evening, and where Uncle Joe has ran off to since your photographer needs to get that family photo off their to-do list.

My Pick: Blush + Bowties
blush and bowtiesSource

Speech Writer If words are not your forte, or you feel you may not deliver a stellar performance hire a ghostwriter. Authors do it and why shouldn’t you? If you are hiring a videographer that speech will forever be immortalized not only in your guests head but in your video. So why not put your best foot forward and get some help with speech writing, nothing is worse than a poorly executed and penned wedding speech.   My Pick:  Canadian Writers Group    

Hire a Bridesmaid This has to be the most delightful option I have heard of to date. Weddings tend to bring out the best in people and unfortunately the worst in people. Known for testing friendships and relationships, this option allows you to hire someone who yes, is a PROFESSIONAL bridesmaid and will be there to assist with planning, facilitating events and activities and literally listen to you rant about everything wedding. Bonus: They will help you lift all those layers of your dress when you need to pee! My Pick: Bridesmaid For Hire image 1
image 2Image 3Source

Mobile Espresso Cafe

Since food trucks have been popularized, couples can now hire a multitude of different food truck vendors for a late night surprise. From tacos, slushies, to poutine, soft serve ice cream the possibilities are endless. Not into the whole foodie thing? Need a caffeine fix? The newest craze for mobile vendors is a mobile espresso cafe. You can now hire baristas to deliver quality espresso to your guests by a vintage Vespa Macchina.

My Pick: Macchina Mobile

macchina mobile cafe3macchina mobile cafe
macchina mobile cafe2

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