#CREATOR – 144 Collection

We sat down with the talented designer of 144 Collection to learn all about her foray into one-of-a-kind accessory design made with only the finest and brightest coloured fabrics.

1.    What sparked you to begin a career to create one of a kind accessories?
144 Collection began as a hobby for me. I was looking for a way to relax that would let me express my creative side, so I began taking sewing lessons.  In those lessons, I started making pouches, tote bags, skirts, and aprons. I found I gravitated more towards the pouches and handbags. My teacher was amazing she taught me how to make patterns as well. After testing my accessories on my family and friends to great reviews, 144 Collection was born. 

2.    What was it about fashion design that intrigued you the most?
It has to be the fabrics that intrigue me the most. You can tell a wonderful story with fabrics (cotton, linen, lace, silk, and leather to name a few). The way they are paired can bring an outfit to life and tell a story. I saw this first hand last year when I made a lace and pearl clutch purse to go with my cousin’s prom dress. The pairing could not have been more perfect.

3.    Where do you draw your inspiration?
I draw my inspiration from everywhere. From the shapes, flowers and artwork I see living in NYC. There is no shortage of inspiration but my favorite ideas come from my family and friends. I love making custom things for them and those things often later become items I start selling in my shop.

4.    How has ETSY helped launch your brand?
Etsy has been a great resource in helping me reach my goals. There are online lab events, forums, Etsy teams and workshops geared at teaching sellers how to sell as well as market their products. I have learned so much from pricing to taking the perfect photos.

5.    What has been your biggest achievement/obstacle so far in your career?  
While my first Shecky’s show has been my biggest achievement, I would have to say growing my business has been my biggest obstacle. I am continuing to learn about pricing and marketing of my products.  

6.    Any advice for aspiring #CREATORS?
Research everything this includes pricing, manufacturing, promotion, marketing and other businesses that make the same kind of product that you offer. Try to attend seminars or classes that will help you learn more about the business you wish to pursue. I would also suggest getting a mentor. My mentor helps me with the business aspect which can sometimes be overwhelming. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. It is really the only way to learn what not to do next time. 


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