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Alexandra is a photographer from Montreal. An inspiring proof that you can pursue your dreams at a young age. If you haven’t seen her work yet, here’s a couple questions to get to know her better.
1- How did you get into photography?
 I always knew I was an artist but I was never sure what kind of artist. I loved drawing, singing, acting and taking pictures. I remember it was one summer where my dad told me ”Why not become a photographer?” I was like.. That’s not a career! And he simply replied back ” Of course it is, I wanted to be one before wanting to be a pilot and loved it.” That’s when I got my first camera and started randomly taking pictures and fell in love with it.

2- What made you decided to pursue it (photos) as a career?
My dad was a big part in pushing me to pursue photography. He supported me through all my big career choices (dropping out of college to go to art school to helping me get decent equipment to start off with). One reason why I decided to commit fully to photography is because I love it! It’s a passion, I don’t feel like I am working. It’s so important to be doing something you love. Your job is a big part of your life, so why not do something you absolutely LOVE to do? It might take a little longer to be stable and well but in the long run, it will make you happier and feel more alive.
3- What are three tips for staying creative?
Hahaha. I still struggle sometimes with finding inspiration and I believe every artist does. It’s hard. My first tip would be to create a vision board. I like to take a big piece of white cardboard and to look through old magazines and everything I feel inspired by, I cut it out and glue it on my board. At the end you look at your vision board and you see what has been inspiring you without even knowing it!

We also have good platforms like Pinterest where I pin all my inspirations on as well.

My second tip would be to give yourself time to chill. I know it sounds a little weird but creative people can’t be working on projects 100%. You need days where all you are doing is something you love to do. From taking a day hiking up north or to go to the spa. It’s important to free your mind a bit and then when you get home you start brainstorming and then it’s easier to get creative. I love yoga, after my yoga practices I take some time to write down all my thoughts on a piece of paper.

My third tip would be to discover where you are. I am based in Montreal so sometimes I like to go downtown and try a new coffee shop or walk around and discover new places. It’s always fun to get down to your local roots.

4- What is your favourite subject to photograph?
I love yoga, lifestyle and landscapes. Yoga is in my core, and yogis are simply amazing human beings. Every time I photograph a yogi we go into deep interesting conversations and I always learn something. Lifestyle I love because it’s a different approach to portraits. You can get all creative and there’s no restraints. I am a big nature lover and hike a lot. Therefore landscapes are a big part of who I am. I don’t do many but it’s always a breath of fresh air and treat when I get to do them.
5- What has been the highlight of your career so far?
2015 was an amazing year. My biggest highlight of my career would be discovering lululemon and Wanderlust. After graduation I got a job as a educator at lululemon to help financially until my photography picked up. I fell in love with yoga photography and from there, lululemon supported me and keep supporting me to push my art even further. I now have most of my work up in the stores and it feels amazing. Wanderlust Festival was a game changer too! It’s the second time that I have been a photographer for their festival in Tremblant and last year I even had the opportunity to guide a photography hike. It was such an amazing experience and I hope to work with them again.

6- You work closely with Lululemon, how has yoga changed your perspective on life?
About 3 and a half years ago I fell into a big depression. It was to the point where suicide was looking good. I was caught in a vicious circle where nothing felt right and negativity took over my soul. I decided to try yoga and I still remember my first yoga class, I cried in the end and felt more vulnerable than ever. Strangely, vulnerability is such an important emotion to have when you are stuck at the bottom. It made me realized that I can get better. I then started to go to lululemon community classes and fell in love with yoga. I started doing yoga with Alexandra Otis and now I am doing her photos and we are really good friends. I can say that yoga saved my life, and made me passionate again.
7- Next goal to crush?
I want to get into surfing photography! I am obsessed with Chris Buckard. He is one of my photography idols and surfing has always been a big passion for me. I would love to work for Roxy, Billabong and travel to take some really cool lifestyle, surf pictures.

I am going to Costa Rica next week to start building my portfolio so stay tuned for that!

8- Dream photo shoot/contract (location/company to work with etc.)?
I have a bunch! I would love to do a global shoot with lululemon, do a surf shoot with Roxy and would LOVE to go to Whistler and be the official photographer for Wanderlust Whistler.

9. A saying/quote you live by:  ”C’est la vie.”

10- What motivates you to continue taking pictures?
My goals. I was never a big goal crusher and when I discovered lululemon, well I kind of had to get into goal crushing! The company is built on visions, and goals and they are big on goal coaching. If you never create goals, you will never get to where you want to be. A lot of people say they like to just go with the flow and see where the world brings them and yes that is a good way to see life but why not add some goals to that lifestyle? It will make your life so much fuller and happier. Without my goals I would never be as far as I am today.

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