#CREATOR: AXE® Collective Flimmaker Tabi Bonney

This year, the AXE Collective hosted a wonderful night celebrating new and emerging filmmakers hosted by Mark Duplass and John Legend. The Axe Collective is showcasing the world’s edgiest, most boundary-busting films designed to give aspiring creators resources and platforms to showcase their talents. We sat down with Tabi Bonney, creator of the short film “Secrets Never Die.”

1. What first inspired you to begin your career in film making?
Well, it started with my hiring a video director to shoot my very first music video. It was such an awful experience and I spent a lot of money and wasn’t happy with the final product that I decided to pick up the camera myself. After years of filming music videos and commercials I figured I had enough experience to finally step over into the film realm and try my hand with a short. And here we are.

2. Where do you draw your inspiration from?
From the simple beauty in things. From women, to a gorgeous day, to the ocean, to the regular people I come across everyday. I try to add a sense of beauty even in a bad or gritty situation. I think there is not enough of that…of seeing the good even in a bad person/situation.

3. Can you tell us a little bit about what it has been like to be nominated to be part of the AXE Collective?
It’s been nothing short of amazing and surreal!! To be chosen to be put on a platform where more people see your work is just spectacular!

4. What are you working on next? Or where can we see your work next?
Well I just shot a music video called Bang Bang with my friend Wiz Khalifa. That is on Tidal and Youtube now. But the next big project is me shooting my first feature film next year in Hawaii. You just have to stay tuned for that one.

5. Any advice for aspiring #CREATORS?
Yes, just do it. Just start wherever you are and do it. Pick up a camera, pick up an iPhone and just shoot and create. Once you just start creating and putting your work out there everything else falls into place. Don’t worry about needing this or that until you shoot something. Just start where you are.
To learn more about this talented filmmaker, visit http://www.tabibonney.com/

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