#CREATOR: Caffery Vanhorne Showcases at Toronto Men’s Fashion Week

Menswear designer Caffery Vanhorne stole the show on the last night of fashion week as he debuted his collection for the first time on the Toronto Men’s Fashion Week runway. A veteran in the industry, over the last 20 years Caffery’s careers has allowed him to work in various areas of design ranging from working as a fashion designer, an award winning hair stylist, a self taught make-up artist and more. Truly a modern jack of all trades.

But it is through his exceptional craftsmanship that was what set him apart from the other designers on the TOM* runway. Not concerned with that is trending or popular, Caffery sets his own standards high above the rest by creating a sartorial collection of menswear paired beautifully with his luggage collection. It is through his confident and fearless approach to fashion resulted in a diverse yet cohesive menswear collection that transcend Canadian fashion sensibilities and demonstrate his global influence on style. And with all of his success, he still remains one of the most humble designers in the industry.

If Caffery Vanhorne is not on your radar yet, he very well should be. Check out his collection online at: cafferyvanhorne.com

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