Local creator Carineh Babayan is the owner, designer and creative director of CB1969.  Infusing her talents of industrial design and keen eye for aesthetics, she has created her own unique furniture pieces and one of a kind neckties to express her creativity in a contemporary way.

1.  What sparked you to begin a career in the fashion and furniture design industry?
I have been interested in art and design for as long as I can remember.  Both my parents were architects and very interested in integrating us into all possible types of art and culture.  We were also very fortunate in that we traveled extensively.  Accordingly, from a very young age, I got to see amazing things and to dream about the kind of beauty I would like to create in my own life.  All this paved the way to my integrated interest in art in my teens, (painting murals on our high school walls (some are still there) and even on university campuses – you could say that I was being paid to be an artist before I officially became one).  Later, I studied industrial design at OCAD, and after graduation, I started designing and producing products for the home.  I love patterns, textures and manipulating material to create interesting forms. I also love how people respond to art and of course my work.  Everyone takes away something different.  Some like it for it beauty, some for its functionality, and others like my scientist friend see it as purely mathematical and otherwise congruent with natures subtle structures.  I love art, always have, and every day I’m grateful that I get to practice it.

2.    What was it about design that intrigued you the most?
I think good design helps the quality of the environment and ultimately it can have a positive effect on everyone’s life.  Creating a functional item that looks interesting raises the spirit and stimulates the brain, all while serving its original functional purpose.
CB 1969-312_branded B
3.    Where do you draw your inspiration?
Inspiration is something that happens when I work.  Every new observation leads to serial thoughts and an endless series of possibilities.  All that really remains limited is time, otherwise every fold and pen stroke serves as my cerebral playground.

4.    Is there an interior decorator or fashion designer that you admire the most?
There are many in this category and to name one or two would be unfair. I love all artists and designers that challenge my mind and my creativity.   However, if I have to choose any at this exact moment, then I have say I love the work of Missoni, Prada, Ingo Maurer, Charles and Ray Eames, Frank Gehry, Alex Collville.
CB 1969-1_branded B
5.    What has been your biggest achievement/obstacle so far in your career?
My biggest achievement, though through little doing of my own, is that I remain equally excited about the creative process every single time I start a new project.  My biggest obstacle is time.  I love the work however there is never enough time, which makes the added administrative functions required for this work an arduous task. 

6.    Any advice for aspiring #creators?
Do what you love, be grateful that you can do it, challenge yourself, LOVE LOVE LOVE – it’s the best thing in life, and finally NEVER GIVE UP.

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