#CREATOR: Cut From the Same Cloth

I first found Lauren’s company, Cut From The Same Cloth, on Instagram because an Instagram babe (@katarakagura) I follow posted a photo with an amazing rainbow-pastel coloured long skirt and crop-top. I fell in love instantly and ordered it within minutes. Once I received it, I fell even more in love with the two pieces. A couple months later, I even collaborated with Lauren, to create beautiful tank-tops for my company.

Her work ethic is amazing and her creations are beautiful and different. So let’s take a look into our next #CREATORS mind.

1. Where does the name Cut From Same Cloth come from?
Cut From the Same Cloth is used as an oxymoron. The definition of the saying implies that things are the same or similar. However my line was designed for women who want to stand out or be different. So in the end, they are really a group that are “Cut From The Same Cloth”. All women who are unique, want to stand out. (Hope that made sense)

2. What made you decide to start your own clothing line?
From a very young age, around 4 to be exact, I was also into fashion and observant of people’s style. I used to spend days styling my Barbies. I learned to sew in my teenage years and it just stuck. After working different jobs in the fashion and beauty industry, and having an online boutique, it only felt like a natural step to start designing.

3. Three tips for staying creative?
My tips for staying creative is to always shake it up, I think thats the Sagittarius in me. We get bored easily. Try doing things outside your comfort zone. Surround yourself by inspiration, whatever that may be. And most important, if you feel stuck, give yourself a break. Recharge. SLEEP!

4. Highlight of your career so far?
As I mentioned before, I have played various roles in both the beauty and fashion industries. I would say the highlights for me have been my self employed roles, because nothing is more rewarding than “doing it for yourself”, am I right? I started my solo venture as a freelance stylist, and had my work published which was both exciting and rewarding. Then, I launched Ellemm in 2005, which was an online boutique that housed independent lines and emerging designers. In 2011, Cut From The Same Cloth was born, but as a custom clothing line in which I worked with private clients. It wasn’t until last year that we phase out the custom part and strictly became ready to wear. We are now carried in select boutiques in the US and Canada.

5. How did you get into fashion?
I kinda feel like I was always into fashion. I guess technically, I went to a visual and performing arts school where I learned the basics in both apparel and costume design. The rest is mostly self taught. Reading text books and taking classes here and there.

6. Saying or quote to live by?
There are so many great quotes out there that hit home for me, but at the end of the day when things get tough, it’s quite simple “Just Breathe……”. I also find myself quoting my grandmother “This too shall pass..” I tend to remind myself that nothing in life is permanent. I am told by some that that is a very cryptic message to spread, but I think its a great reminder to try and enjoy your present self and the moment you are in.

7. Where do you see Cut From Same Cloth going in the next couple of years?
Over the next few years, Im planning on CFSC to continue to expand and be available in more boutiques. I am also planning to collaborate with some amazing people in the very near future. Stay tuned!

8. What inspires you to create?
I am very much inspired by music, art, and culture. Sometimes I can visualize an entire collection by just listening to an album. So for me, when I feel a bit rusty, I start digging through music, or look at art. The most important thing, is to look within yourself and do what feels right or authentic.

9. Next place you want to travel to?
Oh wow, there are so many places I want to go. I think the top of my list would be Costa Rica, Africa, and Hungary.

10. Any tips for those wanting to start their own business?
For anyone who wants to start their own business, my advice is to not give up. Even if you fail hard and miserably, keep going. Also, I think a misconception that people have is that working for yourself will be so easy and you can be lax and work when you want is completely untrue. Be prepared to work nonstop and harder than you ever have! Being an entrepreneur is not for the fainthearted.
All images are from Cut from the Same Cloth’s Facebook Page 

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