#CREATOR: Expectancy Rings

  1. Can you first tell us a little bit about yourself and what inspired you to create Expectancy Rings?

After graduating from the Fashion Arts program at Humber College, I opened my own online boutique, which I ran for over three years. Then I decided to expand my love of fashion into the bridal world and became a consultant at luxury bridal boutique, White Toronto.

While working in the bridal industry, I was well aware of the significance of engagement rings, wedding bands and even wedding gowns to mark two very important events in a person’s life – engagement and marriage. I loved helping women find a timeless wedding dress that would allow them to look back and remember their special day long after it passes, but I also realized that unlike engagement and marriage, there was no set way of announcing and commemorating the next most precious and life-changing moment – pregnancy.

Trying to fill this void in the market, I came up with Expectancy Rings as a fixed way of sharing pregnancy and more specifically, the gender of your baby with family and friends, just as you would a photo of an engagement ring to announce the exciting new union in your life.

  1. How are your designs inspired by this life milestone?

As every expectant parent’s journey is unique, I thought it would only be fitting that each client should be able to completely customize their piece from Expectancy Rings. Clients can choose a design that suits their aesthetic –a thin stackable band, thick diamond embellished design or signature half-swirl band – type of gold, and most importantly, a pink or blue sapphire to represent a baby girl or boy. The option for a clear sapphire is also available to those who prefer to keep it gender neutral or keep their child’s gender a secret until birth. I also offer name and birthdate engravings to add an extra, personal touch to the ring!

Bringing a new child into your life, whether it be by birth or adoption, is a moment that should be remembered for the rest of your life. I use only solid 18k yellow, white or 14k rose gold and high quality sapphires to ensure every ring reflects that moment and lasts a lifetime.

  1. Who is most often buying Expectancy Rings?

A ring from Expectancy Rings is a unique gift for parents at any stage of their growing family. We offer an easy-to-use gift registry that can be shared with friends and family and complimentary delivery, which makes it a perfect baby shower gift! I’ve had clients buy a ring to gift at gender reveal parties and often just as a sentimental gift for the expectant mother in their lives, however I’ve had many mothers-to-be treat themselves to their own rings from Expectancy Rings!

  1. Has there been one customer or story that has stood out to you? Or that you’ll always remember?

I recently had a same-sex couple purchase matching unisex bands to announce the adoption of a baby girl. Each family is unique, and it isn’t always pregnancy that constitutes a reason to celebrate bringing a new child into your life. It’s really touching to see all types of parents using the rings as a way celebrating their growing families!

  1. Any advice for aspiring #creators?

Collaborate! It’s always inspiring to connect with others who share your passion and it’s so important to feed off of one another’s positive energy.

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