#CREATOR: Gavin from 3 Brewers

On the site, it is always interesting to find local “creators” working in innovative and unique professions. And Gavin, from the French Canadian micro-brewery restaurant 3 Brewers is just that. Turning his passion for micro-brewing into a career, Gavin is currently working as the head brewer at the 3 Brewers Adelaide location responsible for creating tasty and season beers for guests at this bustling financial district restaurant. We sat down with Gavin to learn a little more about what he does.

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1. What sparked you to begin your career as a #BREWMASTER?
To be honest I don’t consider myself a brewmaster. I am a brewer and the head brewer of 3 Brewers Adelaide. That takes years and years of study, patience and practical experience in the brewery which I am working towards! That is my goal. I can say with full confidence that I tripped and fell face first into this industry. Throughout my life I was always curious, but it wasn’t until the end of collage when I got a side job cleaning kegs that my career started taking off. From there I slowly moved up to head brewer.

2. What was it about brewing your own beer that intrigued you the most?
For me it’s recipe design and seeing if other people like it. Can I make something that people will like? The pride of someone enjoying a pint of a beer I made is the driving force behind my brewing.

3. Where do you draw your inspiration from when creating beers?
Anything and everything! It sounds corny but I have been inspired to design beers after watching a movie, to honour certain people in my life, the seasons and exploring the trends in the craft beer scene. The last point plays into my competitive nature. If a certain beer style is popular, I want to make one too and it be the best of all of them


4. What are you drinking right now? 
Sour/wild and table beers are slowly pushing IPAs out of the Canadian craft beer spotlight so I’m drinking a lot of those when I can. Beers that are lighter, refreshing with sour, tart or some funky notes seem to be on brewers’ minds. I’m a seasonal drinker myself (light and refreshing in summer, darker and sweeter in winter) but I’m always looking for something to pair with a meal. Balance and harmony with food scores big points with me.

5. Any advice for aspiring #BREWMASTERS?
Be adaptable. Just because you didn’t learn that way or haven’t done it a certain way doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Keep an open mind and learn all you can from who you can. Have fun. You’re going to be making beer one day. That’s pretty awesome!


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