#CREATOR: Getting to Know Grace from La Luxe Lucerna

Grace, the founder and chief candle creator at La Luxe Lucerna  has found a way to turn her hobby into a career by created luxurious hand poured soy candles that she sells in her collections and individual candles based on the occasion.  We sat down with Grace to learn how she has found her passion by adding a little bit of light into the lives of others.

1. What sparked your career in making candles?
My interest in candle making started during my wedding planning process. I was looking for wedding favours that I wanted the guests to enjoy versus the typical knick-knacks that end up in the garbage the next day. It occurred to me that it would be a great idea to have something unique and customized. I had made candles as a hobby when I was younger, so the idea of creating personalized candles came to mind. As I started coming up with the ideas for my the candle favours, I realized I truly enjoyed the creating process and thus La Luxe Lucerna came to mind.

2. How did you develop your luxe formula for candles? 
Through trial and error. There are so many factors that need to be taken into consideration to make a properly set candle. The amount of fragrance and oils added, how long it sets for, the temperature of the wax when pouring, are just some examples. I also knew it was important to have a soy base for the candles because it doesn’t have any of the harmful associations that paraffin candles have. So the formula was created by finding that perfect soy blend that worked well with the fragrances that I used.

3. Where do you draw your inspiration from in creating different scents?
To be honest, I always come up with the collection name first and the individual candle names, before I even think of the scent. Once I have a name I like, I try to think of interesting scent combinations that work together and complement the name. For example, from my new collection, there is a candle named “Tell Me Sweet Nothings”. I knew based on the name that I wanted something light, sweet and fruity because it is launching closer to summer. Thus the notes of fresh watermelon and strawberry came to mind. The collection names are always inspired by parts of a story, and this is really what influences everything else.

4. What has been your biggest achievement/obstacle so far in your career?
I would say that my biggest achievement would be the day La Luxe Lucerna launched. Seeing something that you created come to life is truly rewarding and really boosts your self-confidence. My biggest obstacle so far has been getting my product out there. I have been working tirelessly on getting my candles into smaller retail locations, spas and studios to gain more brand recognition, as well as put together a solid digital marketing plan so more people get to know about my brand. There are many companies out there that sell candles, so it is difficult to get someone to take a chance on you when there are many established brands. However, I truly believe it is all about the journey and I am confident in my branding and product. I know that once customers see and use the product, they will love it.

5. Any advice for aspiring #creators?
Keep working at it and follow your passion. I used to think it was important to follow the status quo and I’ve realized that that didn’t make me happy. Once I started La Luxe Lucerna I realized that even though it may be difficult, following your passion is very worthwhile. Every time I get a notification that a new order has come in it gives me the biggest thrill, that I can’t even put into words!

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