#CREATOR: Juliana Gallimore of Forty-Eight 10

Forty-Eight 10 is an online shopping destination for the modern day career woman in search of on trend items catering to the modern woman on the go. Founded by Juliana Gallimore, we sat down with Juliana to learn about her style tips for the season.

  1. What inspired you to create Forty-Eighty 10?

As a modern day, fashion-loving woman with a career and family, I needed clothing that I could wear throughout the day and be excited about wearing them from the office right into dinner with the hubby or cheering for one of my children on the soccer field. As a personal stylist, I also realized that plenty of women love fashion –they want to look good but do not necessarily know how to bring runway to real life.

  1. What are you top 3 wardrobe staples?

An Elegant Blazer: Have a least one blazer that is a flattering silhouette. It will always dress up whatever you are wearing. For myself, keeping one close by prepares me for a quick meeting, whether it is before or after an after school activity or grabbing a coffee with a girlfriend.

A Silk Scarf: This is an accessory that immediately upgrades an outfit. Silk is breathable. It keeps you warm during winter, yet it is cool enough to wear through summer.

Ankle-Length Black Pants: Without a doubt, black pants are one of the few staples that you can wear with just about anything in your closet. The ankle length style is a great alternative to jeans. It can be worn with heels, ballet shoes or tennis shoes. If you prefer, choose navy for a more elegant look.

  1. What are you tricks for a work-life balance? 

I like to call it a work-life integration because we tend to bring work home, just as we bring home to work. I’ve had to cancel meetings or leave work early because one of my children was not feeling well.

i.        Ensure you have clear guidelines in the home and workplace. It is crucial to communicate where the lines are drawn. If you have to cross them, there must be an agreement from all parties. If you have children, make sure management doesn’t find out three years into the job when your child’s school calls to report an emergency.

ii.       Take digital vacations. Everything is digital these days, but leaving your electronic device alone after a certain time or during an activity can be refreshing. Every few months, lock it away for a weekend. Your mind, family and friends will appreciate you for it.

iii.        Start the day on your terms. If you enjoy reading, read. If you enjoy exercising, exercise. If you enjoy meditating, meditate. Don’t start the day thinking about your to-do list or checking your emails. Starting the day on your terms gives you more control of your emotions, enabling you to think thoroughly and make good decisions.

  1. What has been your biggest achievement/obstacle in your career so far? 

Achievement: Being a young wife and mom I was so pre-occupied with paying bills and taking care of my home that I forgot about what I dreamed about for years. Now that I’ve been able to recapture my dreams, I’m pursuing it and empowering others to do the same.

Obstacle:  Sometimes women are afraid to speak out about our needs. Being honest with myself in what I’ve truly wanted to do took a lot of soul searching and drowning out the opinions of others’ expectations of me.

  1. Any advice for aspiring #CREATORS or #GIRLBOSS? 

At times women wait for tragedy then we show our strength. Please don’t! No one will ever light a fire under you. Set yourself up by knowing what you want, doing your research, seeking advice from a trusted family member or friend,  so that when you walk up to opportunities’ doors, you don’t knock on it, you kick it in, smile and introduce yourself with poise, grace and elegance. You have so much to offer and the world won’t know it until you show it.


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