#CREATOR: Little A & Co.

Focused on sourcing artisan and earth-friendly product, Little A & Company is an online boutique that carries baby and children products that are made with love. Selecting handcrafted items that spark your child’s creativity and imagination, we sat down with owners to learn a little more about their new venture.

1. What inspired you to create Little A & Co.?
Little A is actually our two-year old daughter Audrey. She is our main inspiration. Ever since she was born, we became very conscious of the products that we buy for her. Who made them and what they are made of. We started to support products that are ethically made with materials that are safe to the environment. Then everything else followed. The admiration for handmade and unique items began. Our friends started to admire products that we buy for Audrey. At the same time, we are practicing a minimalist lifestyle at home. We also noticed how happy Audrey is in playing with her simple toys such as wooden blocks & soft pretend toys. As modern parents, we realize how priceless it is to see your child enjoy simple things in life through creativity & imagination without too much stimulation from plastic toys with batteries. All of these, our lifestyle and advocacies fell into place and Little A & Co. was born.
2. How do you source your products?
It’s simple. We make sure that they are ethically handmade with materials and processes that are safe to the environment. Most importantly, it should have the approval of our daughter Audrey =).

3. How have you found the unique artisans you’ve partnered with?
We found our Artisans through a combination of extensive research, attending tradeshows, and referrals.
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4. What has been your greatest achievement since launching Little A & Co.?
Our greatest achievement is found through our Artisans. These very talented individuals from all-over-the-world being all together in Little A & Co. is our greatest achievement to date.

5. Any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and #creators?
As the old adage goes, “Nothing is impossible, the impossible only takes a little bit longer to accomplish.”

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