#CREATORS: Lyse Spenard of BYLYSE

Finding Canadian designers to be able to profile on the site is always a please. And Lyse Spenard is no exception. Creating BYLYSE in 2008, Lyse has developed a collection that combines luxury, comfort, versatility and timelessness to create age appropriate fashionable pieces, perfect for the modern women’s wardrobe. Giving life into classic styles with exclusive prints, innovative textures, rich colours and feminine detailing, BYLYSE collection is a sophisticate alternative for the mature women who is looking for pieces with style and confidence.

What sparked you to create BYLYSE?

The desire to design clothing that helps give confidence to women is what inspired me to create the BYLYSE brand. My goal is to help my customers ensure they are always dressed well for any occasion and that the clothing they wear flatters their figure, no matter what their size, shape or age may be.

How have you seen the Canadian retail landscape for fashion change over the last 20+ years?

The closure of several Canadian retail chains in the past few years has created a dark and gloomy feeling in the industry. In addition, the majority of the fashion retail market has shifted their focus to a very young customer, which has left a significant hole for more mature women. On a positive note, we see a great opportunity in catering to these women who have been abandoned in recent years and for whom the BYLYSE brand was specifically created.


How has BYLYSE grown and evolved over the years?

The evolution of BYLYSE has been based on the loyalty we have to our customers and our desire to evolve in order to continue catering to her changing lifestyle. Our clothing has evolved as our customers have gotten older, have seen their bodies change, have seen their children leave the house, have gotten divorced or remarried and have changed careers.

How would you define BYLYSE’s personal style?

The BYLYSE style is effortless chic, comfortable and always elegant.

What has been your biggest challenge/ accomplishment?

My greatest accomplishment has been my ability to maintain the high quality and design consistency for so many years. It is always a challenge to stay on top of new trends and fabric directions in order to remain competitive. Each season, we work tirelessly to create collections that offer a cross between sports, leisure and workwear and that enable our customers to build a quality wardrobe within a limited budget.

If you could offer any advice to someone starting off in the fashion industry today from your experience, what would it be?

My advice would be to measure your goals and what you want to accomplish in proportion with the customers you choose to design for since your revenues will be based on the percentage of customers who can and want to wear the clothing you create. Don’t be selfish in your outburst of talent and always aim to surpass yourself.


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